Delta Park was once again taken over by hundreds of cars as everyone pulled in to the 36th Annual Angela’s Picnic, a perfect way to spend your Sunday. Now if you are a true petrol head and have a love for all things motor related; then this is most definitely the event for you.

With a simple donation to towards Hospice at the entrance, anyone with a passion for their car and the car culture could drive in and join their mates for a picnic under the hot African sun. I arrived there shortly after 9am and made my way to the VWCSA gazebo to park my Toaster among all the awesomeness that was to be found at the park; after all even the Toaster needs her day in the sun hahaha.

I grabbed my camera and a bottle of water (cause trust me it was damn hot), and started heading out to see what I could find. Now Angela’s Picnic in not a “Pissing contest” where guys will try out do the next guy; it’s simply everyone getting their cars out of the garage, dusting off cob webs and grabbing a picnic blanket, umbrella and food and sitting together admiring each other’s vehicles and sharing in the passion.

This was only my second time attending this event and once again I was blown away with the diversity of cars, I mean you had your oldest of old cars there all the way up to your brand spanking new 2017 just released off the show room floor cars. With a lot of the car clubs parking together it was really awesome to see the multitude of generations getting on like one big happy family.

Now I’m a sucker for old cars, especially the hot-rods and low riders decades, and there were so many that it was hard to choose my favourite on the day; but one car always grabs my attention and that’s Graeme Saul’s chocolate brown Impala. A ship of a car, but damn she is one beauty of a ship. Sitting on a set of knock-off true spoke wire wheels, classic two tone roof and in true low rider form… this beauty can bounce thanks to the hydraulic system.

Another car that caught my attention was a Morgan, with its Gulf oil colour scheme, black diamond pattern interior and well… its three wheels and front engine mount and side exhaust system; this Morgan looked like a Spitfire fighter plane. All it actually needed was a metal finish and the classic shark mouth and it would have looked like it had just come out of Pearl Harbour.

Now I could go on and on about all the amazing cars, but I definitely think that this is a show everyone should attend, if not for the cars, then just a great day out with the family grab the dog and take them for a walk. Till next year, keep them shinning, keep them classy and keep it Supafly.