Hey guys! Wow…what a year its been for rc drifting this year. Lots of ups and downs. A lot of expectations of myself, perhaps too much? One of my many flaws is that I’m very very hard on myself when it comes to my performance on the rc track. Luckily for me, however, I have a large network of fantastic friends that help me pick myself up when I do hit those low points.

My performance last year was nothing short of abysmal. I knew that I had it in me to do way better and I was embarrassed. I wanted to dig hole and hide away. All things considered, being the person, I am and for the time that I’ve been doing this, to have drifted the way I did was just so utterly disappointing. So, I made the conscious choice to make sure that I WILL NOT do so bad ever again.

Beginning of the year I started with a new chassis, a new look, a new attitude and a new zest and renewed passion for rc drifting and to get my drifting up to scratch. I practiced more, listened more, tuned more and BOOM I started hitting it right! At the same time, I started enjoying my drifting a lot more too! Nationals Round 1 Joburg was one of my best national’s events I had! My car was handling really well! I drifted a lot better and I was definitely much much happier!

Nationals Round 2 was huge fun! I loved it! Home track, weather was awesome atmosphere was amazing! And I performed well all things considered however, there was one section of the track which I just could not get through and that was a major downfall on my part and cost me dearly. I still managed 7th place at Nationals Round 2 which was a huge confidence booster for me.

Up to this day, out of 10 laps I land that section once… *sigh* but I keep practicing. For me to get through that section it has to be a combination of both setup and good ole practice. Ill get it right soon enough.

Nationals round 3! The big final! I so much looked forward to it but due to my own folly and some personal issues I couldn’t make the final and I was really depressed about it and I made another vow never to miss the Cape Town round again!

On to the KZN Rc Drift Regionals. Being the second year in its running there were still some teething problems to sort out but by the mid-year we settled in nicely and have a good system going which all drifters are happy with. My regionals campaign didn’t start out too well to be honest and I was lagging behind, partly cos I hadn’t mastered that “manji section” of our track and that I hadn’t spent enough time tuning and practicing.

After some very stern words and coaxing from my main man Rashan, I put my head down put in the time and got it right and so ended of the last 3 rounds in 3rd place, 2nd place and 4th place. My last round was pretty bad and I wanted to get swallowed up again but thanks to my friends they picked up and helped me see that everything’s ok and just keep my head up.

I ended off the KZN Rc Drift Regionals 2017 series in 3rd Place Overall as well as Most Improved Drifter whom I shared with Jared Govender and Zak and I’m super chuffed about it! It totally beats the 8th place I got last year!







Plans for 2018, well, who knows? But I’m not giving up AWD just yet although I will be entering the world of RWD which I’m quite excited about. Things are going to be very exciting next year for RC Drifting in South Africa! I can’t wait for the 2018 Regional series to begin as well and this time to be on top from the beginning!

A lot of people say that drifting should be fun, it shouldn’t be about the position you get. I absolutely agree…. for me personally though I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of competition. I’m happiest when I’m doing my best and beat or get beaten. I’m happiest when my car is doing what I want it to do and when I’m driving properly be it in a comp or just practice with the boys…. but again, that’s just me!

I hope to see lots more of you guys next year drifting, especially in Durban. People we need your support! You don’t necessarily need to drift but you could show your support by attending drift comps even if its for a short while, I promise the drifters love entertaining the crowd even if its at a comp! Have