Hey guys! Last month saw the Worlds championship come to a magnificent conclusion. This drift championship , which sees more than 300 drivers from across globe, has to be one of the greatest if not the GREATEST drift comp in the world. I will be bringing you guys  a 3 part series looking into worlds and giving you guys a low down of everything.But I want to get behind the scenes…a more “on the street” perspective if you will. So be sure to look out for the rest of this series.

I have had so many friends over there competing and I can tell you that my words will never do any justice to describe what its like to actually be there. I followed this years Worlds fairly closely and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I was at a bit of low point with my drifting and watching worlds has re-ignited my passion again for RC drifting. I hope that with this next series of blog posts, I will be able to do the same for you…inspire you to join in with RC Drifting. We cannot let this great hobby die. There have been too many of us who have put in so much effort for this sport to die and I for one will keep fighting to keep it alive.

A lot of people say that, we shouldn’t take drifting so seriously and that it should be all about fun. I agree it should be fun…its Seriously  Fun!! (see what I did there? ) There will always be those who are more passionate than others and who differ in opinions. That’s OK people!! We are all different! THAT is what makes life so beautiful and that is what makes drifting so beautiful. Drifting brings together everyone from all backgrounds and each car is just as unique as the person driving.


At Worlds this year, I’ve noticed that more than ever! And I like to compare Worlds to beautiful orchestra. I loved every minute that I had watched and thanks to the live stream I felt part of it. As much as I had enjoyed my international friends that competed there, for me there was 3 very important things that must be highlighted which made me super proud of being South African.


First was seeing my friend Vivian Groblers company, SRC Sideways RC  amongst the biggest brands in the World! A Proudly South African RC Company built from scratch producing RC accessories that’s found and used through out the world! SRC is the first and only South African company thus far to have been a sponsor to the Worlds Championship and I am so proud and honored I am friends with him.


The Second and third points belong to my dear friends and countrymen , Frank And Richard who went there not only to compete and gain valuable experience but also to rep SA and the RC drifting community of SA. I don’t think we realise what a huge honor and achievement it is for our country, let alone the huge personal achievement for both these guys!! If I had it my way I would reward them for their efforts! Which is also the reason why need to engage our government to step and in….but more on that later…


How can I not make mention of one of the most hilarious, humble  , awesome, crazy guy’s you will ever meet, my buddy Asif from Kuwait. He did live feeds every day of Worlds and it was the best! I really felt part of Worlds this year! Got to marvel and technology sometimes!

Any way that’s my bit for now, here’s a few pics from Worlds! Don’t forget you can catch me on FB just search for Bob Rock and look for the guy holding a mic looking like his dropping sick bombs bwahaha and on Instagram @bob_rock.