Hey guys. Thanks for the great response and awesome feedback on my last blog. I really appreciate that you guys took the time to read, respond , share react…etc. It shows me that all of us in this RC Drifting Community share the same sentiments to this amazing hobby / sport and that we are terribly passionate about it.

So, taking into account the feedback, I began to look at rc drifting introspectively, especially from a South African context. Perhaps the reason we are not taken as serious as other forms of rc is because of our very own conduct and attitude towards rc drifting? Rc Drifting is heaps and heaps of fun! And that’s is essentially what drifting is all about! It’s about having fun, getting together with your friends, hitting up the track and letting rip BUT…

It’s not ALL what drifting is about. It also has a competitive side! Personally I really enjoy both sides very very much and by extension everything to do with rc drifting lol (but that’s just me). The competition side of drifting is where we see all of that natural talent, those hours spent in practice and that huge amount of effort spent fine tuning this drift beast to do magic on the track. Competition is a natural eventuality for any sport or hobby whether we like it or not. This is that very point where the attitude, poise and etiquette MUST be shown for drifting to be as recognised as other rc categories.

The whole attitude of how we treat drifting has to change…the whole essence of drifting needs to be instilled in us for us to progress, for us to take rc drifting in South Africa to the next level. But how many of us are prepared to step up to that level? I’m not talking about simply drifting for fun and not competing…by all means let’s rock it! But let us also look into how it all began, where it began and the core values of rc drifting and practice upon that. For example look at drifting in Japan…what kind of cars do they use for drifting? If the aim of rc drifting is to mimic real drifting as much as possible then why are we not using body’s that mimic real life? I include myself in that category…I must admit that at first I was so enthralled by the romance and excitement of this hobby that I wanted everything I could get my hands on.

As I learnt more and delved deeper into drifting, I sifted out all of the unnecessary and started getting down to the essentials. It’s taken me a few years but I finally understand it and now that I do I see the real beauty of drifting, and in turn I feel like I’m able to represent myself better in the rc drifting world and I’m able to show people the true nature of rc drifting. If this could happen to a lot more people then we would be recognised better and quicker. When we have drift sessions we will have a myriad of VIP style / street styled bodies with mix of replica drift cars in the mix. It will be like a Japanese car show and it will be international standard.

A good friend who I respect a lot believes this can never happen here…he does pose a very strong point given that a lot of people are very strong in their current mindset, however I disagree. I’m a half-glass-full kind of person, so I believe that we CAN reach that level. It’s going to take a lot of work but we can do it. Education is the key I always believe strongly that education is power. But it takes two to tango and if there are people willing to educate then there must be those willing to learn.

Drifting is not just about slapping on drift tires and going to a parking lot or your backyard and doing power slides and doughnuts and then saying “I know how to drift” …. that’s just you playing around…anyone can do that. Find out what drifting is about. READ don’t just watch YouTube videos. There is so much of information out there!

Another very important item to note is that drifting is a humble sport and so is rc drifting. There is no place for big ego’s. A little bit of banter here and there is healthy for competition and keeps people edgy and looking to improve their skills. Ego WILL be the your downfall if you don’t keep it in check.

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