Hey guys! Happy New Year to all you guys!! Hows the holidays? Good? Mine was well rested. Although I didn’t exactly get to do some of the things I had intended to do , it was still good!

I decided it was finally time to get onto that RWD train, so I finally got my new RWD chassis, a Yokomo YD2-G. Plastic Fantastic haha was a very fun build and it certainly is true. Yokomo is amongst the best quality around , even their plastic kits are really solid , well designed and quality which you not only see but feel. Over the holiday I took my time and put the kit togetherI did put it on the track just to get it up and running. Now its time to test and tune properly. In the same space I also finished a sweet new body for it. A Nissan Laurel C35. Not a common body shell that you come across but I love this 4door banger inspired by a friend from Kuwait as well as a pic seen on Speed Hunters.

Its going to be a very exciting year for Rc Drifing in SA. Lots of new changes have been planned in the backgrounds and now, ready to unleash onto the rc drifting community. We have also seen a surge in the rwd category with lots of excitement so we are definitely going to see some very strong , tight and competitive drifting in this particular category. The judging is going to be very strict here as  there is going to be very little room for error. We also see a change in format from a 3 round Nationals Series to a single Mega Round Drift extravaganza! How exciting! The Nationals will also rotate to the different regions each year, we hope…well that’s the plan anyway!  So I’m hoping that we have more entries this year, as we have already seen a small growth in number of people wanting to join us this year.

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and on Instagram @bob_rock for more updates…. I will also be starting a few other new projects soon so watch this space! Its going to be Exciting!