Sup Sup Sup guys!!! It’s been a while since my last blog BUT all with good reason. I needed to go on a hiatus, to refocus myself, to refocus on my drifting and make moves in the right direction. Nationals was certainly a turning point in my competitive drifting career! CAREER! Wow …. I mean I can say that, now right? Cos RC Drifting IS a National hobby / sport. There’s a regional series that happens at every major region and a National series too?

My own drifting is growing in leaps and bounds, well that’s from my own observations and the reason for that is mostly due to me asking more questions, asking for help, opening my ears and mind and most important, PRACTICE! I can’t stress enough how much important practice is to simply get your drifting right. However, it’s not just about hitting the track and expecting to get it right. You need to focus even if it’s just for a little while. Focus on what your car is doing and not doing. Focus on the driving line, try different lines to find out which is the best line to drive on.

I also started to concentrate a bit more when it comes to building body’s. I must admit It’s a lot harder than it looks. You got to pay attention to every cut, the way you prepare the body, the painting, the accessories etc. and I’ve been enjoying it!

On to more serious things…What is going on the RC drifting in SA? Things have slowed down a bit and the interest in RC drifting seems to be fading. Is it just that time of the year? Is the interest itself in drifting fading? What’s going on? It’s not like guys don’t have the equipment to drift so my question is why? Are we not doing enough to get out there? Is RC Drifting being portrayed as an elitist hobby in this country and that’s why we don’t have more people interested? Or is it some other reason? I would love to get feedback.

I know that in this country we are greatly influenced by our economic state. It basically dictates to us what we can and can’t do. But is that really a valid excuse or is it simply a ploy to not stay or join the hobby? To me it’s simple. It’s all about passion. Not necessarily for RC drifting or anything RC related but just passion in our lives. Passion is the driving force behind everything we do and how well do and excelled in whatever it is we choose to do. If passion was not there, we would not have so many great people in this country and THAT, my friends, is what we need to instill in our kids, friends, peers and anyone else that’s looking.

My plans for this wonderful hobby is to try and make more people aware of this hobby and how much fun it can be! It’s a hobby that can be competitive but also a lot of fun! Watching your RC car run side by side with your buddy or getting some trains going on is one of the best moments you can have on a drift track. It caters to every kind of person, whether you are there just to drift or technically minded or creative you will fit right in!