With Nationals just around the corner, the hype and excitement is all to real! The tension is getting thicker, the emotions are running higher, the practice is getting longer and some of us (like me), are getting lost in trying to tune the car to get max performance out of it!! Perhaps I’m trying to hard lol but I can’t help it. I love drifting that much…i love the social side of things….i love hanging out with my friends or anyone that’s keen on drifting and getting in the door.  But at the same time, I relish competition…i thrive on competing against other drivers. Not for some ego trip, don’t get me wrong I’m not a sore winner or sore loser. I just love competing…win or lose! Cos either way its important lessons learnt from it, not only regarding the performance of your car or picking up new tips or styles but sometimes a lesson in humility.


This is just one thing amongst the many things you will experience at the SA RC Drift Nationals. Its more than just a National competition, as intimidating as it sounds. Its more than just a congregation of the lands best rc drifters , aiming for the DK Crown. Its a coming together of brothers, sisters, friends and family. Its a reunion of sorts where old friends meet each , new friends meet and relationships solidly and are forever founded. THIS my friends, is what RC Drifting is all about.


A place where you can be yourself and know that you are accepted no matter how you are,who you are, no matter your age, colour, creed or gender. It does not matter if you are rich or poor you will be treated the same and treated as a equal and you will be helped. There were a few times when I went up against drifters I hold in extreme high esteem like Llewellyn, Rashan Steve and Gary from Durban, Vivian , Asief , Quentin and Darren from Jozi/ PTA  , and Cisco from cpt (cos I haven’t had the chance to go up against anyone else from CPT) lol   all of these people have helped me with getting my car to do what its supposed to do. I mean really now, which competitor helps their opponent at a competition??  That’s the beauty of RC Drifting! And from what I hear…its one of the very few sports where you will ever find this happening.


Due to tough times , we have decided to reduce the number of national competitions in an effort to encourage more people to join in the Nationals. The date was set for later in the year to allow people to save up and join in on this amazing event! This year it will be held in Cape Town at the home of D-Evo, one of SA’s most established RC Drifting club. A lot of people , including myself are looking forward in earnest to being in Cape Town and going up against old friends and new foes.


This years event is proving to be quite a treat! I hear whispers of tougher competition , slicker rides and even more ridiculous amounts of fun! It also happens to co-inside with the Cape Town Drift City event which is sure to be a blast. I personally haven’t been to that event but from the vids , pics and personal accounts that I have come across its definitely open event NOT to be missed.


I’m busy “trying” to prepare a new body for Nationals but I suck so its going to take a bit of time lol I will however do a post on it once I do have it done and only if its not too bad 😉

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