Hello again my drift-maniacs! Hope everyone’s been doing well! Any new projects you would like featured? Anything that’s newsworthy perhaps? Message me and lets get YOU out there.

Over the long weekend this years SA RC Drift Nationals was held in Cape Town at The Drift Factory, home of D-Evo. We all waited a whole year for this event the excitement built up for this event was intense! I personally very much looked forward to being there and made sure I could go and boy was I glad that I did! The people, the drifting and action was everything I had hoped it would be.

Cape Town has been to produce top drifters in both AWD and RWD and they did not disappoint at all. Battles were good and tight and were also quite enjoyable to watch! The track was amazing, well for me it IS amazing! I loved the layout , the smoothness its a really fun track to drive. I also met the infamous “Sponge Bob” a few times actually haha

Sponge Bob as it is affectionately known Is a lining of sponge against the wall where the organisers conveniently placed a box. I’m sure that was intentional cos if you didn’t exit the manji section correctly you would be having a rough conversation with good Ol’ Sponge Bob … as  I have had…we are quite well acquainted now actually.

A special must be made regarding the sponsors who have contributed a great deal to the Nationals this year considering the tough times we face… Yokomo , Donsday , SRC – Sideways RC , Speed Models and Goblin Hobbies you guys are the MVP’s. Without your constant support I don’t think we could host a decent Nationals – Thank you guys!!!

Drifting at Nationals is not always about the competition though. Its a huge learning experience and you get to meet everyone from newbies to vets and champions and everyone in between. Everyone’s always there to help…sometimes even mid battle! After your lead or chase lap someone will scream to you to either stiffen up your front or rear, or advise you to be more soft or aggressive with your throttle….THAT is what its about…Over nationals I had fellow competitors help me, teach me just to see me level up…me…i thought there’s nothing special bout me why bother? Then my good friend Faried told me…His objective is “to see everyone at the peak of their performance. Its no fun beating someone when they are not their best or their chassis is not setup right…and I just love helping people.”

In those few hours he sacrificed teaching me , my entire drifting method had change and the way I look at drifting now too has changed. THAT my friends is what drifting at Nationals is about. The bonds we create at Nationals are permanent and is good and wholesome. Its easy to describe but its a vibe and atmosphere that has to be experienced in order to fully grasp the awesomeness of it.

There was a newbie who came in using a chassis that was unassuming with a body that’s unconventional. He did not bother that he would get a chance to go up against some of the best in the country, he did not back down cos the Nationals can SEEM overwhelming and intimidating neither did he bother if he would be “good  enough”. He entered because he loves to drift and he drifted so well!!! I hope he continues to drift.

I compete because I absolutely love drifting and I also love to compete. I never get too far BUT I always make sure I do my best and that its my own fault that I don’t do well haha Point is no matter how bad it got (and boy did it get BAAAAAAAAD) I never gave up and I won’t. There is so much to look forward to in Drifting in SA. I wish more people would just open their eyes just a little bit more and see how far we have come and how far we can go. The drift game has changed you guys, whilst there is competitive drifting its not the be all and end all of drifting and you guys need to realise that. Its not mandatory that one MUST compete…drifting is about getting together with your mates and bang doors all day, socialise, talk rubbish and build great bonds and friendships.

This years Nationals was one of the best that I have ever been to, not just for the friends and fun but for the quality of drifting. Its definitely improving in leaps and bounds and if you love drifting now is the time to get in or come back. Forget what you heard…the Time is NOW.


Pics provided by – Jannie , Cisco , Buks and Viv