What’s happening people? I know I’ve been out of action for a little while BUT with good reason. My team and I and a number of key individuals have been very busy organising and preparing for the Next Round of the Drift Championship.

For this Round, we see it return to the newly-added-venue, Durban. Some of the best of the best in the country will be coming down once again to grace the lands of the East Coast in an attempt dominate and prove that they are certainly the best in the country. Durban new track, the Ryujin Drift Circuit, is home to my club, the East Coast Rc Drift Club. It provides some of the best all round action for drift cars in the country. It’s a track that deceives the eye.

Although it looks quite smoothly flowing when you look at the track, the real character of it shows once you are on the track and drifting it. It’s fairly consistent through most of the track but there are parts of the track that my catch you off-guard…. I won’t reveal too much more about it as we want the drifters to experience it themselves but I will say this…. you guys are in for a surprise!

Last year, when the Nationals was first held it was absolutely amazing! I think everyone relished the idea of having to compete on a new ground where everyone would be on equal, unknown footing. Unbeknown to us, it turned out to be one of the best Nationals rounds that we have attended, bar our very first Nationals attendance lol with this in mind we are looking to having our friends from around the country, arrive here to battle it out once again and for hosting a magnificent Round of Nationals.

The Nationals is a hotly contested affair. A lot of pre-and post Nationals banter goes on which keeps the competitive one’s going and when it happens track side it’s such a hoot! The only way to really experience this is to be there with the boys. I can’t stress how much the entrants feed of the energy from the spectators. A good example of this was at the The Rc Drift Kings event held at the Speed and Sound MotorEx last year. The crowd kept the guys going and it really calmed the nerves of the drifters and it made them do even better than they thought they would do! So, SUPPORT from the fans, followers and fellow enthusiasts is very very important too!

It all goes down from the 28th to the 30 July 2017 at the 42 Benson Road, Montclair, Durban. Home of the East Coast Rc Drift Crew! I hope to see lots of you guys there! If you are keen to witness all of the action or would like to get involved in future Drift Events please contact me and I will gladly assist you in whatever you need or require.