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Sup guys! Hope everyone’s been doing well. So you have been keeping yourself in the know with the goings on around the RC drift world you would have known already that AWD drifting APPEARS to be on the decline. I say “appears” because although there really is a decline in AWD numbers, there is still a very big global community of AWD / CS drifters , especially here in SA.

After the D1-10 Worlds Championships this year, there were whispers that perhaps CS would be cut from Worlds. This brought a few gasps and omg’s but soon afterwards it was confirmed. D1-10 Worlds 2019 would be RWD only. I must admit even I was pretty bummed about it. However being the “half glass full” kinda guy that I am, I’m still very much looking forward to it. This announcement though, brought out a lot of controversy, bitterness and “oh come on!! Are you for real? “ and “you’re killing the hobby”. A lot of the people that have commented negatively have not taken into consideration the steady decline in CS drivers altogether and the number of entries received at Worlds.

The World Championship is not just any competition. It is just about the biggest event in the RC Drifting Calendar…globally! With that being said, there needs to be a consistently large amount of entries to keep a class viable and for the organizers the decline in entries means that it isn’t anymore so they need to do whats best. I get that. I’m also an objective and neutral party (I’d like to think so) so I always see things from both sides.

On the other side. The world really looks forward to the AWD part as well. I know a huge amount of CS drifters that look forward to competing at Worlds as well. In fact , I was doing my best to get myself to Worlds to compete but now that CS is cut from worlds I’m not sure if I should continue with the attempt? The only reason is because even though I have begun with RWD I’m nowhere near the level that’s required to compete there haha. Anyway back to CS….a lot of my friends and others are disappointed, however lots of these guys also fully understand the reason.

The biggest most important point to note and keep in mind is that, even though Worlds is like the “ultimate platform” for competitive RC drifting, its not the be all and end all of drifting! Outside of Worlds drifting still continues and still has to. We cannot say that Worlds killed CS because they cut it? That’s ridiculous! Its our own fault that CS has been cut. IF we are really that passionate about CS then we would have great number of entries at Worlds. So please don’t blame Worlds for that.

We all know that RWD is more ‘true to scale’ than cs. That’s a fact that no one can deny. We also cannot deny the fact that more people are gravitating towards RWD. It is for this reason that I choose to with CS and keep it alive. I also drift RWD but I also love CS. To be honest I struggle with CS. I have been struggling for a long while. There were a few moments when I got it right and then my tinkering threw me right off again lol and here I am again messing around with setup on my CS trying to get it right.

But that’s my struggle and my journey and as much as it frustrates me and brings me right to the point of throwing the towel, with some encouragement, I don’t give up. I stick in there and don’t give up. That’s my main point here.

Don’t give up , don’t give up on CS. It still has its place in the RC world. There are some that may disagree with this and you know what? That’s OK!! But don’t knock down those that love and continue with CS? Some of the techniques used in RWD has been taken from CS (did you know). I am pro cs. I am pro RWD and most all I am pro RC Drifting!!!


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