Hey guys! As you all know I have been at this RC thing for a while now…close 4 yrs. and to be honest I haven’t achieved much. This is largely because I have chosen to dedicate a part of my life to the growth and promotion of RC Drifting not only nationally and globally but especially in my home city of Durban. With that being said, I have made a lot of sacrifices not only with my work but my family as well and it has been only recently that I have finally found the balance.

That sacrifice was not only with the growth and promotion of the hobby, the growth and development of the East Coast RC Drift Club which I co-founded with my main man Llewellyn Royan but also personally. I unselfishly sacrificed my own personal development of my drifting skills for everyone in Durban and for my club members. A special mention goes out to my club members especially Rashan, Viren, Gary, Steve, Andries and Yousuff for holding the club with me and making my job a lot easier.

Here’s my gripe… People in Durban are way too laid back and for the failure of a less harsh word, lazy. It’s true! I’m not just saying this…it’s with years of experiencing difficulty with trying anything new here and it’s not just restricted to the hobby. However when it comes to cars I must admit the scene is very much alive. Back to drifting…when we first began reaching out to people the interest was amazing and we had all sorts of people come through and join and after a little while it fizzled out.

Whilst I get that it’s just a hobby and real life will always trump any hobby, these same people are sitting with their hobby cars and would much rather sit in front of the tele than to go outdoors. RC Drifting is not just about going to the track and throwing down….it’s so much more! RC Drifting is about socialising, creating friendships, creating bonds, having fun and learning from each other. It’s not just a bunch of guys playing with “toys” (don’t even get me started with “that’s just toys”) RC Drifting can be simple but also very technical! Its hands on and suits every kind of person you are! Are you competitive? Are you very social? Are you crafty and hands on? Are you a family person who loves to do things with your kids?  Whoever you are, RC drifting is for you.

We live in interesting times. Hard economic times govern what we do…I agree wholly with that, I mean it affects me a lot. But if we can spend thousands on TV’s, consoles and gaming then surely we can spend a bit on going outside and enjoying? Bottom line is we need your support and your participation. You don’t need to compete! But it would be nice if you joined up socially!

My whole reason for this rant is due to the number of entrants we had yesterday. It was the lowest it’s ever been, whilst I understand that for some people they genuinely couldn’t make the others I really don’t understand why and I will do my best to find out why and make positive changes to entice more people. The other reason for ranting like this is cos yesterday I felt horribly guilty for the low numbers. I felt that I wasn’t doing my job in bringing in more people. I felt like I had let my club members down. Maybe its cos I put my heart and soul into our club and the RC drifting scene in Durban that I felt guilty. I don’t know.. All I know is though is that I won’t stop and I’ll keep doing this for as long as I can! So expect to see some changes and a bit from me and the East Coast RC Drift Club!

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