The annual Bragging Rights show hosted by the guys from German Projektz was a great show to chill out. This time around, it was held at the Ennerdale Stadium in extension 1, a great venue for the enthusiasts to have “the right to brag” and represent their car club or just themselves.



As the day proceeded and gates opened, the car clubs, enthusiasts, exhibitors and spectators started filling up the stadium in numbers to enjoy a fun filled family day out in the sun and to compete for the much wanted “Bragging Rights”.




Cars from all generations, brands and clubs attended and were put on show for the show & shine competition. Bagged, static and OEM was the order of the day. Bagged cars seem to be taking over the car scene because apparently “laying frame” is the way forward. The guys who drive their cars static have a tough time going over bumps and entrances to venues but always manage to look just as good. Big ups for those driving cars that low.



There was something for everyone to compete in. A sound competition, hosted by the guys from Sound Nation, for those who love the sound category and build their cars to make those high numbers on the Db meter.


Every year the organisers of this event choose a charity to donate to and this year their charity of choice was the Ennerdale School of Dance. Till next year!