Cars, Coffee & Donuts, sounds rather delicious if you ask me; and well it was most definitely that. With the hype around the show, we just had to make a turn and see what it was all about. For the first time ever (well from what I can recall) Sandton City’s roof top parking was taken over by a mass car meet, hosted by Race Warz.

So with the sun barely peeking its head up I met up with Neeresh on the way to Sandton City where we met Annie & Joel. We found ourselves a prime spot to make base camp and set up our Gazebo in the corner of the roof top, while we waited for Barend Jonker with his Heavy Hitter Hardbody; a very well know ponder that normally showcases at sound shows, and Callum Orbell in his 300zx which is currently featured in issue 200 to arrive.

Stand setup it was time to grab some of that coffee that was going around, and we made our way to the Seattle coffee pop up shop to get our hands on some java. Needles to say we had to stop and chat to a few familiar faces from Racing Hart Concept Wheels as they were putting up their display of some saucy radi8 wheels, along with some other fresh wheels. Joining them on their stand was the Grey SEAT from Tyre Rack that was featured a few issue back.Coffee in hand Joel & myself walked around to scope out the rides that had already arrived, while the rest of the cars streamed through to the roof top, and started filling up all the parking bays. We stumbled upon some really neat looking rides and well some interesting builds too. One such car that peaked our attention, and well tickled our yummy bones, was a VW Kombi Split window body that was merged with a Porsche 964 drive train; a very unsuspecting old school indeed… looks like a family car on the outside, with heart & soul of a pedigree race horse.As the day went on more and more cars arrived and soon the roof top was packed with just over 600 cars, and to me that’s a pretty amazing number for a Sunday meet, and the diversity of cars and people was awesome to see. Even RACE! brought out a few of their toys for people to perv over, and as always the Porsche and the GTR took the main focus, as well as their 1966 Patina Chevy C10.I must have walked up and down the roof top about 40 times, and each time there was something new to see, if I had to snap each car we’d be uploading 600 plus photos, but we just can’t do that, and as some would say they all looked pretty stock, which is arguably the case these day and they wouldn’t be wrong, but there are the guys and girls that put their personal touches to their cars, which we all appreciate. Whether it is a colour change, a unique decal kit or a complete transformation, it was all out there for everybody to enjoy. Sure some people might not agree with the build, but everyone has their own taste.The weather was as diverse as the cars as it was hot then cold and the hot again, but that was perfect as there was more than enough hot coffee to go around and donuts too, as people queued up at the Doppio Zero, Seattle or Curbside Cafe for their fix. The weather also brought out every guys Achilles heal…. YOGA pants hahahahaha… sorry just had to put that out there.With the day coming to an end, the roof top was soon cleared out at 2pm as the security started ushering the cars out. What can I say about the event, other than it was pretty awesome to see such a great turn out of cars from all walks of life, showing it doesn’t matter how big a bank account you have, the love for cars and the culture is as diverse as a box of Krispy Kreme donuts, whether its a plain glazed donuts or chocolate sprinkled caramel fudge donuts we all have our own flavour. Well done to Race Warz on an epic day.