Sunday the Cars & Coffee South Africa hosted their Zwartkops track day in association with Chad from SporTech Cars, Michelin and CVC Insure. The morning started off pretty wet as the roads to Zwartkops where drenched from the rain, I left for the track just after 9:30am as I figured not many of the driver would want to get their cars wet just before an event, and figured that there would only be a few cars attending in this weather. I arrived at the track and was met by one of my childhood dream cars; a silver Lamborghini Diablo, parked under the Zwartkops sign… “Perfect way to market the event I thought.”

After signing in at the gate I drove up to the pit area where I was met by a sea of sports cars and that’s when the precipitation was not just on the outside of the car hahahaha. I parked the toaster, grabbed my camera gear and proceeded to the pit area. Now normally at a Car & Coffee event there are between 20 to 50 sports cars, all of which are high end sports cars. Here I was met by both Classic cars and New cars and I believe there were just over 200 entries for the track day alone, excluding the classic cars that had come to support the event as well as the AUDI advanced drivers.As I walked through the pit area snapping away, I could not help but take in the beauty of each car as they lined up… I felt like a kid in a candy store, a very, very expensive candy store. With Porsche’s, Mustangs, Ferrari’s, AstonMartin GT’s, McLaren’s, AUDI R8’s, Nissan GTR’s, a stunning red Dodge viper and not to forget the beautiful silver Lexus LFA… one of few in the world.

But of course it would be the Lamborghini’s that would have my attention as always hahaha, what can I say they have always tickled my fancy, and as I mention earlier, there was the Diablo! Damn how I wished I could have heard that car go round the track; however I had found out that the clutch had gone on the way to the event and the owner had parked it out side because of that… pitty, but sh1t happens.

But this wasn’t just a day to show off your car in a static display, this day was all about racing, well taking your machines around the track, to experience the true power and performance of these purpose built sports cars. The Audi driving experience was on hand to take passengers around the track too in their RS3 Quattro as well as their Audi R8 V10.

Watching these cars go around the track was awesome, but for me it was watching Bruce take his Roll Royce Tank motor powered classic car around the track… that big motor pulling this little Chitty Chitty Bang Bang looking car around sounded absolutely insane, as he struggled with that ships wheel around the corners hahaha, damn that is one massive steering wheel; thank goodness for power steering in the 21st century hahahaha.

No track day would be complete without the two Ferrai’s out of the Pablo Clark Racing stable, the Liqui Moly Red, White and Blue liveried track car as well as the bright Yellow track cars took passengers around the track. They roared around the corners putting the fear of God into the passengers as well as the other cars out on track.

The end of the day saw a pretty relaxed and calming atmosphere as the track was open to all, which gave the opportunity for Chad from SporTech to take out more passengers to show off his stable of amazing cars he had there on the day, cars that his workshop had built that is, not to mention his two stunning pit girls, Ane and Bianca of course. Lap for lap the people climbed into his Audi R8 as well as the stunning blue Nissan GTR, I have to admit the blue belongs on that car, not every day you see that colour on a Nissan.What can I say about the event, well it was absolutely amazing, the calibre of cars that were there from the old school classics to the latest McLaren’s. The passion for cars was clear no matter the size of the wallet, passion is passion no matter what.