This past weekend saw the last of the bigger shows up in Joburg, the Jozi Ridez 3 in conjunction with Classic Cars Show, held at the NASREC Show grounds. With the morning storm looking like the event was going to be washed out, many early birds opted to stay home and head through a little later in the day; little did they know that it was going to be a hot summer’s day in Jozi.

I got there a little after 9am thinking there would be a queue outside the venue as per the norm; however I was met with a few cars going into the venue. I proceeded to head down to the main Jozi Ridez area where I would be spending most of the day. As I drove around I saw an awesome set up for the South Side Crew low limbo, where they had set up a little grand stand area for the spectators to sit under an umbrella of stretched material, making it a pretty cool spot to watch the action.

With the turn out being pretty dismal, I head up to the Classic Car area, where I was greeted by a sea of old cars ranging from DKW’s, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars to a custom Rolls Royce bakkie… Yup, you read rite, a Rolls Royce Bakkie. Walking through the Classic cars, I spotted a few cool cars that got my attention.

One of the little Mini’s that caught my eye was a Little red monster with wide arches, stretched tyres, bucket seats and sporting a Toyota Twincam motor, owned by a gentlemen by the name of Sol; now that’s my kind of Mini, old school English with the heart and soul of  JDM.

Besides the awesome Rat Rods, and the GT40’s, the sea of VW Beetle and Kombi’s will always give me a sense of nostalgia, as I think back to the road trips with my Grand dad, and there were a good couple of bugs that took me down that memory lane.

After hanging around the Classic section, I headed back to the Jozi Ridez side hopping that more cars had arrived; sadly the area was still pretty dead with only a handful of new cars arriving. Slowly but surely the cars only started coming around after lunch time and many of the cars that had parked up at the Classic section had made their way down to the stance area. This gave me some time to get some snaps of the cars without too many obstacles in the way and got to shoot two stunning young ladies Yolande & Anetjie with a couple of the cars.

I guess this show might just be too close to the end of the year, with too many of the cars that normally attend saving their cash for the Holidays or prepping the cars for the New Year. I won’t sugar coat it, I would have like to see more people attend the show as there was a lot of work put into the show, and for the car culture not to make the effort is pretty underwhelming; sure the entry cost were a little steep, maybe that’s something to be looked at by the organisers, but as a last farewell to 2017, we need to have the same energy as the last shows.

Till next time, keep it safe, keep it slammed and as always keep it Supafly, enjoy the holiday’s everyone.