Hello. Hi. Erm..yes. Hello. Yar hey. Anyway. I’m speechless.

I usually don’t take this long to get a review out, usually I’m all excited to share the greatness of an event, or bitch about how shit it was. Now, it has taken me three days to find words to describe Drift City, and I still can’t. I’ve deliberated, asked people their opinions, and still can’t come up with a complete assessment, or opinion. So allow me to just share jumbled thoughts, and what had happened at the event that was supposed to be the highlight of the Cape calendar.

As I drove through to the Grand Parade, an iconic Heritage site on Heritage Day, the peak of the mountain was visible on the N2, but the famous “table cloth” was coming over. For those of you not from the Cape, the “table cloth” is a group of clouds, or mist, that covers the top of the mountain on colder, overcast days. At that very moment, I wondered if it would be symbolic of what was about to happen at Drift City. Either the awesome cars would be making more smoke than the cloth, or, it would put a damper on the event. Even with all the social media hype preceding the Heritage weekend, a few days before the event, I didn’t feel it. I wasn’t super amped, I don’t know why, but I wasn’t.

As I drove up to the parking area in the not so Golden Acre (next time I need VIP parking please, BRUTAL was very upset standing in a urine-stained, rat-infested, cold concrete structure), I failed to see any other cars. I wasn’t too early either, it was about an hour before gates opened. I passed a couple of peeps waiting to enter, but it was by no means a crowd. Got inside, checked the vibe, if that is what one can call it, and headed over to the media tent for registration, where we dealt with very unpleasant MSA officials. You know, those same unpleasant MSA officials that media have to regularly take verbal abuse from. Those same MSA officials who seem like they get off on your gatgruiping. Media don’t have a choice though, rules are rules so we gotta gatkruip, but that is a topic for another discussion. Anyway, as we got the unpleasantries out of the way, I walked through the pits and saw some cars. Notice I didn’t say great machines. I’m probably going to be hated for this, but Cape Town drift cars are a tad dated now, same old, same old. Well except for Faheem’s “Naartjie” tugboat, Otto Graven’s monster, and the very popular Drift Team Vision Cressida.

The practice session didn’t impress me too much, so I popped over to the car show side of things, which wasn’t a car show but a park off of, well, nice cars. Nice. Not awesome. Not great, Nice. Again, same old, same old. By this time the gates had opened and spectators were steadily entering, not flocking in like last year.

By about 3pm things started to look up. Everyone was having great fun, the drifting became more interesting, and I decided to pop to the vendor section. People were queuing for food and I must just mention that my idea of having my favourite burger joint, Gringos, at the event with their “Mamasita Challenge” paid off. There were more than a few guys who entered the challenge, which is basically to chow down a 1.4kg burger within 10 minutes. At times, the Gringo’s stand almost had more spectators than the drifting, which was quite cool from a personal point of view.

I told you I had nothing to say, no opinion to share and after all this mumbo jumbo, I still didn’t say much, right?

So let’s try to summarise: Lots of people said the event was “epic”, and to those people I say “You ain’t seen epic yet”. The event was great. Actually, it was better than great, but it wasn’t epic. There was a period at dusk, probably supper time, when nothing really happened, and I noticed lots of people left at that time. They should regret that though, as after dark things really became awesome. I, for the first time, sat right on top on the Grandstand, and the view as well as the drifting was top notch, and for the first time during the day, it felt better than last year, and the vibe was, well, the vibe was like it is at Newlands when the Stormers play the Crusaders. The final gave me goosebumps, and I think Otto Graven and my personal favourite, Izak Van Zyl, were worthy podium finishers, but that was expected, by me at least.

I know the organizers would want my critique, so here goes: I think more could be done in terms of entertainment between drifting. Last year there were bike acts and trikes. I think what could have worked brilliantly was to have a few spinners to come in every hour to do what they do best for a few minutes. CapeTown loves that. The organization of the event, the logistics and everything, was spot on and even if there were problems, it wasn’t noticeable. I think the one thing that made this event great instead of epic, was the weather. If Drift City is held in December, on a summer’s night, in the festive season, with a festive mood, then that would be some epic shit right there!

So, in a nutshell, was it good? Yes. Was it the best event I’ve attended all year? Yes. Was it well organized? Yes. Do I have any complaints? No. Was everyone happy? Definitely. Okay, my little person, Hanaan, wasn’t too happy. She cried, but only because she didn’t want to go home after the event had ended. And that says a lot.

I still don’t think I’m doing my review any justice, but I think maybe this might: Coca Cola.

Drift City 2017 was like Coca Cola. Coke is undoubtedly the most popular softdrink around, almost the whole world loves it, it goes with everything, and is a brand that is so great that no matter how bad it is, people will still buy it, and will still drink it. But then you get a 5

00ml glass bottle Coke, which, when ice cold, nothing compares to. It has a distinctive fizz, it gives your throat a lekka burn, and gives you that satisfying burp afterwards. Drift City 2017 was like Coke. It had a great taste, but wasn’t a 500ml glass bottle. It lacked fizz, and didn’t make me burp. But, at the end of the day, Coke is still the best ever.


PHOTOS BY: Franky Photos