The “For the Love of JDM”  hosted their second meet and greet at the Builder Warehouse Strubens valley last night, which started off with a couple of cars coming through early to catch the sunset before 7pm. With the weather looming over their heads the whole week and being unpredictable, it was a welcoming site to see the sun as it set over Little falls.The page was created for South Africans who loved the JDM scene and for owners of the culture to get together to network and chill. Being that this was only their second meet for the year, and in a different location; it was good to see familiar cars from the 1st and to see a whole lot of different cars make their way out of the garages and congregate together in one place.Miggz from FSU Development brought out his little gem, his Toyota Trueno AE, a classic little treasure he found down at the coast and has been building it over the last couple of month. The Trueno is as rare as hens teeth, as there only a hand full of these in South Africa. All polished up for the event this AE took center stage for sure.

There were so many awesome Jap cars at the meet and so many stood out. Cruiz’s blue RX7 and Warren’s Rx7 sat perfectly parked next to each other, show casing the different style one can go with a rotary classic. Whether you want the full race spec with carbon accents, or the full on slammed route with bags, either way, the sound that comes form a wankel motor is music to any JDM fans ears.It was awesome to see how the passion for a culture is alive and well in Johannesburg, and the fact that so many people can connect over it. For the Love of JDM wanted to thank Builders Warehouse Sturbens Valley again for allowing them to host their event on the evening. The next event will be on the 4th April, and the location will be shared as soon as they secure it.