Southside Crew hosted their Grounded event this weekend at Nasrec Expo centre in conjunction with the Classic Car show, the second event to be co-hosted this year with these two brands. Grounded was the brain child of Dawood from SSC, and he wanted to change things up this year, as we are all used to the last show of the year at Nasrec to be a VW event. Last year they changed it to the Jozi show, to open the gates to more than just the VW owners. Coming off from a massive German VS Jap show early this year, things were jacked up for competitors entering the show, to eliminate the long ass queues we had to endure the last time.

First things they did, was to have the event entry be Pre-Entry only, which meant there was no confusion at the gates for Competitors vs Non-Competitors, which I have to admit was a much better idea. Secondly they opened up Hall 5 for the event; now not only was this awesome for the show cars, but FML it was hot as hell and to be honest if I was stuck out side I would have left with in an hour… this chubby Mofo was not made for the sun hahahaha.

Opening Hall 5 meant getting the cars in a day earlier, which once again was perfect for the competitors, as they got there Saturday afternoon, parked their rides and polished it up for the next day. I unfortunately could not make it on the Saturday as I was attending the Rotorfest at Redstar and still had a lot of prep work to do. But lucky for me I left bright and early Sunday morning and managed to enter the Hall, as there were still a few spots open for cars.

Now I’ve attended a lot of shows over the year, both as competitor and as media, and the biggest issue I’ve had has been parking and spacing… Nothing kills the mood for any car guy than having to be cramped up next to another car. People open their doors on your ride, or people walk, I’m mean squeeze past your car and scratch the shit out of it, and don’t let me forget how difficult it is as a photographer to get good angles of a show car. Grounded however and a big up to Dawood and the team; they spaced the cars out with enough room between each car, this was just perfect.

Not only was the spacing amazing, and well keeping out of the heat out side, the diversity of the cars inside the hall brought the heat too. Autostyle Motorsport had an awesome stand with some amazing deals on accessories and a killer special on car inspired t-shirts for almost every car lover… they did lack JDM… just saying hahaha. Turbo & Nos where there too with Mo’s insane Corolla, man that engine is beautiful, even our friends from M.A.G where there along side Nancfield Paints and a host of noooice super cars too. Pablo’s green monster always draws attention, I mean who paints a GTR “Hulk” green hahaha. Autostyling Klerksdorp had same tasty treats too with their new range of concave wheels.

As they day went on, the heat got intense, and going out side was a biatch, I did make my way down to the outside parkoff area as well as the Limbo line. Limbo… firstly these guys are crazy, what they do to get their cars to the lowest it can go is a combination crazy and stupid, but shit it entertains the crowds. Guys will remove there springs and take the air out of their tyres just to get that extra 5mm of clearance, oh and cram their cars full with the biggest, heaviest guys possible as well as have them lay over the bonnets or cram the boots… not something I would put my car through, but each to his own, and that’s what makes the car scene amazing… diversity in every sense of the word.

With over 2oo cars to judge the three judges had their hands full going through each car scoring each one and then putting them in each of their categories; as not only did they have to judge them, they had to see which class they each excelled in as there where 30 classes to judge on, of which 20 where cash prizes. I for one do not want to be a judge a an event like this.

With the day drawing to a close and the judges making their final calculations, they started with the prize giving and with the two stunning Strada promo ladies Shawnee & Tasmin, Vic could start announcing the winners. I was pretty overwhelmed when they called out my name for “Best ADM/KDM” as finally there was class the Toaster could sine in. Best German went to Chadlin Aprils, who won Best Interior too, Callum’s Nissan 300zx won Best engine bay, well Morne Coetzer won, Best Jap, Best Paint & the Best of Show prize too.

What can I say about the show, it was a refreshing change to the normal events hosted at Nasrec, and if this is anything to go on… Dawood, Vic…. GVJ 2K19, can we have it indoors too… a proper head to head battle with the German cars on the one side and the Japaneese car on the other side…. Hint, Hint hahaha. Till next time keep the passion, keep is quality and as always, keep it Supafly.

Your Grounded 2k18 winners!

Lowest Static limbo – Brandon – Conquest

Lowest Air limbo – Enoch – Mk1 Golf

Crowd fav limbo – Rafeez

Best Air – Irfaan – Honda S2000

Best Air Install – Shahid – Audi S3

Best OG – Mahomed – BMW 2002

Best OEM Wheel – Kivesh – Ford Perana

Best Paint – Morne – Toyota Supra

Best Engine Bay – Callum – Nissan 300zx

Best Ice -Dawid – Ford Fiesta

Best Interior – Chadlin – VW Polo

Best Jap – Morne – Toyota Supra

Best German – Chadlin – VW Polo

Best ADM/KDM – Darren – GWM CoolBear

Best Race Car – Shaun – BMW 325

Best Female owned – Charne – Honda Civic

Best Body Kit – Raeez – VW Mk1 Golf

Best UTE – Shaq – VW Caddy

Best Tuck – Shaw – VW Caddy

Best Poke – Noushaad – Uno

Best Stretch – Nivashen – Polo

Best Rep Wheel – Zammer – Polo

Best Wrap – Dawid – Ford Fiesta

Best AirCooled – Suleiman – VW Beetle

Best Custom Wheel – Fayaaz – BMW 325i

Best Debut – Mark – Spyder 4wheel & Kia Bongo

Best  Club  – The Sunday Crew

Bets of Show – Morne – Toyota Supra