The annual Rand Easter Show Sound competition took place after the Easter weekend. This year’s event was put together under the new IASCA management and while it did have its hiccups, it ran relatively well considering.

The Saturday kicked off with the Sound Quality event which had quite a few competitors however the event honestly felt “quite” as I hardly saw much feet through the SQ side despite the pretty array of cool installs on display from the handful of dealers who came out to support the event. We saw a number of old faces sporting new installations who have found their way back to the lanes. Naturally, veteran competitor Ritesh Sookdew took the top honors on the day and rightfully so as his car sounded amazing. While it may not be 100% perfect, it’s still one of the best systems I’ve heard. When you fire it up, you can hear that there’s thousands and thousands of hours spent tuning and perfecting this system which explains the results.

Another system that impressed me was the Ark Audio/HAT Audi S4 which despite having needed a bit more tuning, you could hear it’s raw potential.  New brand on the block, Audio Frog seemed to have also done well sporting some pretty cool results from the awesome Bespoke Audio built rides. We also saw an Audible Physics system “in the making” as competitor Junaid also brought his unfinished built out just to support the event. Now that I think about it, it seems that a number of competitors at this event pulled through with incomplete installations just to show support.

While the SQ event came across as exciting as watching paint dry, to the likes of our local sound comp event master Gerrie and his bass-kop side kick Barend, who just couldn’t find logic in attending a sound completion and not being able to pound your system, however all was not lost as the Bass Boxing qualifying got underway on the Saturday afternoon. While the number of competitors weren’t as much as we were used to, the seriousness certainly did make up for it as these guys brought their A-Game.

As usual, the Sunday event was a lot busier than the Saturday however it still wasn’t quite the full attendance we’ve become accustomed to at previous World Record events. Nevertheless, in true South African style, we saw a number of world records being set by the likes of Team Ananzi Tech (SounDigital, B2 Audio and STP), Team Starsound, Team Targa and Team EMS from Kzn.

Aside from the sound comp, the Rand Show event is also known for its annual  Show and Shine event which used to also be a huge hit. This year’s host happen to be the chaps from Xclusive Mods who had quite a well laid out scoring sheet. They only things that lacked was the standard of rides that we had become accustomed to. There were literally a hand full of cars that really stood out for me. The first was Frans from Witbank’s crazy hot  NP 200 that was also on the Speed and Sound stand the second was Shane Subban’s old school Beetle. There was a cool Ford St that was properly cleaned and prepped for the Show and Shine but other than that, there wasn’t anything to make you want to grab your cell phone to take a picture.

In general, the event ran rather smoothly with a great panel of judges on the SPL and Bass Boxing side, who ensured everything was done by the book.

(N.B. we are still awaiting official results back from IASCA USA confirming the new World Records that were broken at this event).