Firstly, we apologies for putting this out so late. While there were some technical glitches with the photos on our side, it is still no excuse alas all we can do is apologise for the delay.

We had the pleasure of recently attending the IASCA Semi-Finals that promised to be an event worth attending and it didn’t fail to deliver with competitors and spectators from all over KZN and Jozi converging at the Sibaya Casino. The Saturday event saw all the Bass Boxing competitors doing what they do best which was smashing windscreens and doing some cool hair tricks while the Sunday installment featured an IDBL sound-off, show and shine and a mobile dyno for onlookers to feast their eyes and ears on.

There were also a whole host of world records broken on the Sunday including the Pickup 1 category taken by Ajith Ramsingh (148,1Db) and Anand Naidoo in Pickup 3 (152,3Db). Bradley Samuels (155,5Db), Wesley Samuel (157,9Db) and Sumeshan Pillay (157,5Db) took records in the Hatchback/Minivan category, while Strini Perisamy (160,7Db), Samir Ramarian (162,4Db), Yaseen Mahomed (162,8) claimed records in the Advanced categories. Team Targa’s Sniper, which happens to be Rupesh’s new toy, put out an earth-shaking 177,3 Db to claim the 2nd loudest World Secord in the Ultimate category. If I were you, I’d watch this vehicle closely as I’m sure it’s going to be Team Targa’s second 180dB vehicle real soon.

The Show and Shine segment saw some new content surface notably some 50’s cars/trucks and old school beetles on display and as always loads of bagged cars to wow the crowds. John G’s jaw-dropping orange Caddy panel van (that we featured not too long ago issue 144) also made an appearance along with another breath taking BMW 325is.

Aside from the records that were broken on the day, the atmosphere rally made this event. There was a huge display of comradery between competitors and the IASCA officials really went that extra mile to make people more comfortable and while doing so, the competitors and spectators alike received a quality event with something for everyone. Okay, maybe not everyone as the Sound Quality side of this was as vibrant as a mortuary however the rest of the show sure did make up for it. All in all it was a great weekend for car fanatics from all over KZN and if this is how the IASCA semi-finals went down, we can’t wait for their finals which takes place on the  9th and 10th of December, and will once again be held at Sibaya Casino in KZN.