What a way to end off March!! Last night JDM Certified Jozi hosted their JAP Night Run, a complete orgasm of pure JDM culture; car porn with a touch of hentai… We all met up at Woodmead Retail Park, where streams of Jap cars pulled in to gather their sushi and chop sticks before heading out on the way to try and create Jozi’s own version of an “Osaka Kanjo Loop”.

I arrived a little after 8:30pm and the parking lot was already filled with masses of JDM rides, and I knew I was at the right place; not just as in the meeting point, but finally the Toaster and I fitted in like a piece of rice in a rice paddy, finally we were at home! I started walking around the all the cars camera in hand and started snapping away.

I got so caught up taking photos that I had not realised that the guys were heading out to hit the high way. The route would see us head on the N1 East bound with a quick stop off at the BP Oasis to meet up with some more JDM lovers and then on to the final stop at Kota Joe in Edenvale for burgers, milkshakes and well more JDM madness. About now in the blog I’d be putting in some awesome rolling shots, however I didn’t manage to capture any of the run as I was so overwhelmed with cars that I completely missed the off ramp and end meeting the run at the finishing point… I know dumb ass hahahaha.

Soon Kota Joe was filled with cars as the crews started taking over the streets around the drive-in restaurant and across at the garage too. Once again I walked around camera in hand and carried on snapping… SO MUCH HENTAI!! I couldn’t help myself. I stumbled on quite a few favourite rides on the night and spent time with the owners chatting about their love for their cars and what they had planned for the future. From Vic’s sick matte black Skyline, to Clint’s saucy little left hand drive Mazda Miata (MX5) sitting pretty on a set of white 17” 8,5J RAYS with a 2l motor swap.

Of course we can’t forget the ladies, one in particular was Charne Lee and her pristine matte grey Honda Civic EK, now there’s an ass you can fall in love with… hahaha. With talks of air-ride and a turbo ipgrades, this is one EK to look out for in the future; and I know she’s gonna get it right.

Chatting to the guys from the JDM Certified Jozi, I got the feeling that we would be expectation a lot more form them this year as their passion for the culture shows through clearly and if this meet was anything to go by, then we will be seeing a lot more JDM take overs… so watch this space guys. A big shout out to all that attended the show, thanks for showing that when you talk about the JDM Culture in SA, you don’t just think of Cape Town anymore.

Till next time, keep the sushi fresh, the sake flowing and most of all keep it SUPAFLY!