Tuesday evening the JDM Certified crew hosted their “Jap Night Run V2.0” a night filled with JDM cars from all over Joburg and Pretoria. The meeting point would be the parking lot at the Woodmead Retail Park.Before heading off to the first meeting point I met up with Chad and his little MX5 and hit the highway to Woodmead round 8:30pm where we were met by a sea of Japanese car as they started filling up the parking lot. I parked the Toaster and waited for Joel and Annie to arrive before taking out the camera gear to start capturing the cars.Camera gear in hand and my trusty tripod, I headed out into the sea of JDM to snap away, stumbling upon awesome car after awesome car. If you are a JDM fan then this parking lot was pure porn, I felt like I was transported to the streets of Tokyo as I was met by so many awesome and rare cars. From your Nissan R33, R34, R35, Supra Mk3, Mk4, Evo 8, 9 and 10’s to your MR2’s, GT’s I could go on and on, row after row there was something different.With the parking lot getting even fuller by the minute, I came across a super rare Nissan Stagea Wagon, this long beast was one of a kind, and the number plate suited it for sure “ONLY 1” I would have loved to have seen what was under the hood, and heard the wagon growl; what can I say I love wagons, and the rarity of such a beast on our streets.Before heading on to the highway for the run, the JDM Certified team gave a quick brief of the route we would be taking, as we would be meeting up with another group at the BP Oasis off Beyers Naude drive. This gave me an opportunity to get some rollers in and test my settings once again as the weather was playing nicely with us… well so far; more on that a little later hahaha.We arrived at the BP and the petrol station was taken over by 100’s of cars, with everyone struggling to find a spot to park and not to cause too much congestion at the pumps or the exit for the other road goers. This gave us another opportunity to get some more snaps in, as what’s better lighting and backdrop than a fuel station at night…10pm and time to hit the highway once more towards Edenvale and the final meeting point… So like I said earlier, the weather was playing along nicely; well as soon as we got past Florida and headed South, Mother Nature decided to open the taps and the sky poured down with rain, and when I say poured… well I mean it came down in buckets. The rain was so hard that traffic had slowed down to about 60km/h but this didn’t stop me from trying to get some awesome wet rollers. So with the window down and taking it “easy” I snapped away and manged to capture how wet it really was out there.With a slow ride to Kato Joes, many of the cars decided to head home and not get stuck in the rain. I arrived at the venue and found a parking spot close to the road house, grabbed my tripod and my umbrella and braved the rain to get some shots.What can I say about the event? Well it was awesome to see so many JDM cars coming together for a night run, well done to the JDM Certified crew for hosting their V2.0 and I hope to see most of these cars at the next For The Love Of JDM meet and greet events. Til then keep the passion, keep it safe and as always keep it Supafly!