So this past weekend I cracked an invite to the Jozi Kxlektive 1year anniversary, hosted by Ian, Jarred, Gareth-Ashely & Stratten out at the Velmore Estate hotel. So I thought why not, let’s go see what this was all about, and I was up for a chilled Sunday with a group of car guys. I met up with Jarred, Miggz and Ziyaad at the McD’s and we headed out on a proper chilled Sunday drive to the venue… and when I say chilled I mean 100km/h; something the Toaster and I are not used to on a “breakfast run” lol as we’re normally chasing down cars trying to take photos hahahaha.

We arrived at the venue where we were met by Ian Foat and worked our way to the allocated parking area in front of the Hotel, and strategically parked our cars for a good spot out in the sun. Slowly but surely the rest of the cars started pulling in and soon the parking lot was filled with some of the coolest cars out the in the stance scene at the moment. With a lot of familiar faces pulling in, it was good to see and meet new people in the scene too.

With so many cars all slammed on air suspension with some seriously cool boot installs and slamming their bellies on the ground; the few handful of static cars did not seem out of place at all, with the Toaster looking pretty low considering the original ride height, looked like she belonged along with Jarred’s Mk1,  Miggz’s Audi, Wyatt’s Chevy Ute, Mark’s Opel, Lydon’s sick red S2K and Chelsy’s little yellow Swift sitting pretty on a freshly sprayed purple A-Line wheels… not too shabby girl hahaha, the static cars did not disappoint.. In saying that, I must admit I’m seriously thinking about bagging the toaster hahahaha

As the day went on, we all just chilled shot the breeze and spoke so much crap and snapped away before heading into the venue for lunch with an impressive spread, we did no go hungry at all, as Ian had organised us a proper Sunday roast buffet. Needless to say I went back for more desert whahahaha.

After lunch we let the meal settle before heading out on to the grass to take some more shots of our cars and take some cool individual shoots with the cars as the sun slowly started setting in the background, with Allister running around shooting what I know will be yet another cool video (I don’t know where that guys gets all his energy from).

What can I say about this event… well props to Ian and the crew for hosting the chilled day, a day out where car guys got to hang and enjoy the day in the sun with friends, no prizes for the lowest car, or loudest car, no one in it for the money, or the credit or even thinking they’re bigger than the car scene… Just a group of guys in it for the love of the car scene.