“To come back, you have to go away”-Simply Shuds. Simple, neh?

This is my first post for 2018 and the first in a good few weeks. No, I was not kidnapped, killed, missing, or spending time in a foreign country for smuggling illicit tuning goodies, as some of the assumptions were. Neither did I succumb to pressures of politics within the industry, as some haters would like to think. Truth is, I was working. Hard. While many were holidaying, I was slaving away and instead of relaxing after a tough year, I spent the past few weeks planning. Planning what, you may ask?

Well, “content producing” is the new buzz word these days, and in my view many people take it lightly. I’ve always striven to give my readers and followers not just great content, but relevant content which promote critical thinking as well. It is not the easiest thing to do in the industry I find myself in, as many people tend to be sheep and follow trends. This of course gives rise to trendsetters, which in turn gives rise to numerous other elements, some good, some not so great. “What the fuck is Shuds on about?” I hear you ask. I gotta let you read between the lines too sometimes, you know….

So, where was I? Ah, planning. This year I shall endeavour to raise the level of content quality, not just by bringing you updates, developments and my usual kak opinions, but lots more. Like Santa did last year, I won’t let anything out the bag just yet. (Ek wag nou nog vir my fokken krismis presentjie en dis al amper Easter).

I’ve also been busy with the rest of the team (I just said that to keep them happy but I worked alone) putting together the latest issue of the magazine hitting the shelves soon. We have one of the most insane cars on the cover; true petrolheads will appreciate it, and the work that went into it. Unfortunately, if you’re just a Scene Popper (those peeps that are in the car scene to only be seen), you probably won’t think it’s that great.  Julle sal nie verstaan nie. I also tell you what went down during the festive period, at Streetfest, and at OTF2017. While 2017 is long-forgotten, we can’t forget how great MSA drags were last year, with everyone upping their game. This Saturday sees the first event of the year, and I’m super excited to see what is in store, especially from the Team Suspect boys. It is inevitable that they will go into the 8’s and become the quickest Cape Town car ever, it is just a matter of how soon it will happen. This Saturday, maybe?

I’ve also planned a few competitions, promotions and freebies (CapeTown’s favourite thing), but more about that as the year progresses. A few guys in the custom scene in Cape Town are adamant to compete at shows in other parts of the country finally, and I am glad,happy, relieved that it seems we have made huge strides and that all my bitching about Cape car shows and car quality has paid off- we’re starting to see really great builds! Yayness! About fokken time ekse! Speaking of bitching, in Shudley’s Take in the upcoming issue I still bitch, but it needs to be done. The City of Cape Town and its traffic authorities is acting very unfairly in my view, and I discuss this in a bit more detail, and possible solutions to the problem. So look out for that on shelves too.

My race car is coming along nicely (finally), although I’ve run into a few problems again, but it should be on the drag strip sooner rather than later.

Oh! And then…I’m writing a novel. Sonder kak. Hopefully we can sell 20 million or so copies….

That’s it for now though, will share some more of what went down, and what’s about to go down, next week.

Keep it safe.

Photos by: Franky Fotos