This weekend saw NXGen host a private event at Tarlton International Raceway, with a small field of drivers entering the event. I arrived at the raceway early so as to get the hustle and bustle of the pit prep time, catch the drivers setting up their cars for the day of racing. However, this was my first private event and I was met by a calm pit area with drivers taking their time setting up… not what I’m used to at all.

With the pit area slowly filling up with GTR after GTR from NXGen & K.K.M Racing stables, they seemed to over shadow the hand full of other cars that had made their way to the event too. The big guns like Gavin Wilkins, Ian Repsold and Quentin Boylan, took this opportunity to do some more test hits and gather more data on their monsters, so they could reach those personal goals and beat their personal records.

Joburg Auto Tech also saw this opportunity to iron out their new rear suspension set up on their 2JZ powered BMW, as they went a little wider in the back and I have to say the car looks the part now. Joining them in the pits was Speed and Sound driver Satish Harrichand in his new red Opel Super Boss; he too took this opportunity to do some test runs in his new car.

Drivers briefing only took place after 10am with Tariq Dada leading the drivers in prayer, a humorous way to start the day, asking the race gods to help drivers like Stellios to understand the difference between 2wheel and 4wheel controller… Funny guy hahaha.

Drivers only took to the track round 10:30 and first out was Riaan Meyer in his white Ford Escort which ran a 9.72sec @ 222km/h, not too shabby for an Old School Escort. Following his run was the guys from Joburg Auto Tech, who just used their first run to gather some data for the morning, as they battle with the track-bite a little. Followed by the two RCB racing Nissan Champs, who on the day didn’t do too bad as Mark Carstens ran a 10.20sec @ 217km?h in his little white Champ, setting a Personal best for himself.

Next to the line was Quentin Boylan in his Honda King K, which sadly was his first and only run of the day. After a near perfect launch, Quentin’s Honda took a serious dip as a result of the gudging pin coming loose and shattering the bottom end of his engine block, lucky for Quentin’s quick thinking he managed to pull his car off to the side as to not spill all his oil down the track. A Sad day for him indeed as that’s not the way one wants to start your racing day.

Sadly I had to leave shortly after that to get to my next event and never got to see much more action, as this was a private event there just seemed to be a lack of “Go” from the drivers and the intervals between runs were just too long. Lucky for all of us we have Michael Ludick, his always at these events keeping us all up to date with the times and the runs throughout the day, oh and then there Facebook and drivers letting us know what happened on the day, which we are all thankful for, as there’s no better sauce of information than straight out the horse’s mouth.

Here are some of the results as posted by Micheal Ludick.

Ian Repsold:  7.80sec @ 282.5km/h

Gavin Wilkins: 7.5sec @ 282km/h

Sulaiman Effendi: 11.41sec @ 225.7km/h

Bradley Slooten: 10.87sec @ 195km/h

Kogilan Kista Maistry: 9.96sec @ 228.5km/h

Nico van Rensburg: 7.87sec @ 273.7km/h

Joburg Auto Tech (Golf R): 12.12sec @ 183.7km/h

Marsh Padayachee: 10.39sec @ 232km/h