So how do you start off April? Well you host a Sound-off and Show-n-Shine, that’s how. Online Car Parts in association with StreetGlow held their show today at the Northview Shopping Centre, with the M.O.B Culture crew hosting the “Strictly Static” low limbo. Now we’ve attended quite a few of the StreetGlow shows in the past, and we know what expect most of the time; however this venue was in my opinion, too small. I say this cause we all know how large a crowd these events pull in this year.

Lucky I arrived a little early in the afternoon and managed to secure a parking close to all the action, as more and more cars started pulling in later in the afternoon. With the Toaster parked in a prime spot, I pulled out my camera and made my wat around the parking lot to see what was new, and which of the usual suspects pulled through to support the day’s event.

I didn’t need to walk far to spot what I think was one of the best cars there, a JDM classic that would have every Toyota fan needing a tissue to wipe up the excitement. This little gem, a ’78 Toyota Corona MarkII was sitting oh so pretty on a shiny set of wire-spoke wheels, chin spoiler, 240Z phantom side mirrors and a classic OEM interior with a very appropriate Jap number plate “LOCO”

As I walked down to the Speed and Sound gazebo to great the rest of the clan, I bumped into Kevin Waterson from Pitch Audio, we got to chatting and he told me they had just completed the build on Barend Jonkers “Heavy Hitter 2.0”, a new 6 15” subwoofer wall setup in cockpit of his bakkie; a pretty neat install that packed a serious punch. As usual Gerrie and the guys chilled under the Speed and Sound gazebo, handing out magazines and shooting the breeze with everyone.

With the parking lot getting rather full, the guys had to start parking around the back of News Café, so on my way to see what was down there I stumbled upon VAG Motorsports two rocking VW Golf7’s. Malcolm Perumal’s Golf 7R always looks the part, slammed to the ground on those O.Z’s with those extra-large breaks poking through the spokes, but that wasn’t the only looker that was parked there, one of his client’s back 7R looked seriously menacing, also slammed to the ground on a set of shine Bentley rims.

Now at most of these shows my time is not just spent walking around snapping away, you’ll most likely find me chilling with Dale (KD) and Cara from M.O.B Culture a really cool couple, who with their fellow crew members, always take the time out to set up the low limbo at these events. Once again their task of setting up the limbo was nothing short of frustrating, not just for them, but the competitors that enter too; as they struggled to find a level area to set up. The paving was anything but perfect as the cars scrapped along the uneven surface, scratching the bricks… “IF YOU AIN’T SCRAPPING YOU AIN’T LOW ENOUGH” most definitely the saying of the day hahaha.

Hopefully the next event will be at a bigger venue that can accommodate everyone so they don’t all have to be so split up; after all the whole idea behind these events is to bring people together. Till next time, keep low, keep it loud, keep it safe and as always… keep it SUPALFY!