As the year draws to a close, sadly so does the event calendar. We attended the fourth and final round of this years “Fastest in the Land” half-mile and 1km challenge at ODI Raceway hosted by Race SA. With temperatures soaring between the high 30s and early 40s, the day got off to a cooking start. While the attendance wasn’t what I expected, we were still in for a treat thanks to the likes of Revo, NXGen, Joburg Autotech, ICE Motorsport and Nascar to name a few of the teams.

With the temperature reaching what it did, I had my reservations about anyone breaking the current records, but to my surprise we had crazy action. The first car to nail the 300km/h mark was Shamil Mayet’s crazy Mitsubishi Evo which is now the fastest 4-cylinder over the kilo at a RACESA event with a speed of 311.01km/h.

The 6-cylinder N/A record was the next to be obliterated by Willie de Beer in a Porsche Cup track car which ran a 259.87km/h. Pierre Loubser also placed on the record breaker list when he piloted a BMW S1000RR to a speed of 303.15km/h, making him the “fastest normally aspirated bike” in South Africa.

I was impressed with a 16-year old lady named Naqia in a Golf 7R who drove her dad’s Golf R like she stole it. Another fun race to watch was that of Mr Infinity and Keenan Scholtz. It was the first time that I saw someone pull away from Mr Infinity the way Keenan did. On the topic of bikes, Quinton Swanepoel also ran his personal best on a Hayabusa turbo (the fastest for the day) with 343.75km/h.

Shaid Essop ran a personal best when he crossed the traps at 311,95km/h in his BMW E30 BMW. From the same stable, Team Joburg Autotech’s Tahir Khan in the 2JZ-powered BMW E46 crossed the 804m mark with a speed of 306,05km/h and the 1Km mark at 328,83km/h. Ernest Roberts was the fastest for the day (314,26km/h over the 804m and 330,95km/h over the 1km) in his NXGEN-built Alpha 12X GTR 35.

Towards the end of the day, Rameez Amanjee (in a flip-coloured Audi TTRS) became the fastest 5-cylinder at a RACESA with a 10.0. Overall, it was a well organised event. Aside from a BMW M4 spilling its guts down the track which brought everything to a halt for a really long time, and the heat roasting everyone to a crisp, it really was a great event for both competitors and spectators alike.