Now that the dust has settled, let’s reflect on the recent Fastest in the Land event at ODI raceway, hosted by Race SA. It was an event that drew competitors and spectators from all across South Africa as well as our neighbouring countries. The event build-up literally got a lot of folk on their talking as grudge races were being dished out all over social media faster than Shudley can put a new post on Face Book. The day promised to have offered some nail biting action for both spectators and competitors alike.

Come race week, and we heard about the tragic passing of Ivan Tolley, the proprietor of ODI Raceway. I must admit, I was to first to ask if the event would go on and Nazzy explained that when he spoke to Ivan a few days before he passed away, Ivan told him to make sure the racing goes on no matter what. It was after this that racers decided to dedicate the days racing to Ivan….#racingforIvan.

On race day, I must admit that while pulling into the pits, I was a little disheartened as there was nowhere near the amount of race cars I saw at the previous event or even at last year’s Fastest in the Land event, and then it hit me. This is motorsport and there were a number of cars that either broke or just weren’t ready on time, nevertheless, this didn’t put a damper on anyone’s spirits. Those fortunate enough to have other race cars brought those along while others pulled through a little later to spectate at the event.After a quick drivers briefing where Nazzy explained that they had set up traps on the 400m,800m and 1Km marks, and that their main focus was changing to the 800m times and speed in order for them to fall in line with the rest of the worlds half mile challenge, the day’s activities commenced and boy oh boy were we in for a treat, however it wasn’t without any hiccups.Despite the best efforts made on the day by Race SA, there were constant problems with the traps which turned out to be extremely frustrating as we’d see a few cars go down the track followed by the racing being put on hold for repairs. Nevertheless, when things were finally rolling, we managed to witness some amazing times and speeds, along with some racers posting new personal bests. On the not so positive side, we also managed to see a few breakages but again, that’s racing.I’m not going to get into anything about who managed to achieve what as that’s what the results page is for. What I will tell you is that the next event is going to be even bigger and better than this one, so whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss it.