Race SA along with their sponsors Turbo and Nos, Revo, FR&R tuning, Apec South Africa, ACS pre-owned, Speed and Sound Magazine and Designer Graphix, recently hosted a Hot Hatch shootout at the infamous ODI Raceway. As can be expected we saw about 10 million Golfs, a decent amount of BMW’s, Audi’s, Opel’s and even a couple of Fords. Incidentally, there were a few other cool rides which didn’t quite fit into the Hot Hatch categories, that were still allowed to partake in the day’s proceedings, which I found quite interesting as they managed to add to the entertainment on the day.

Talking of the day, there were a number of cars that really stood out for me one of which was Neelan Valen’s Super Boss that posted the fastest hot hatch speed of the day when it crossed the 1Km trap at 295.3Km/h. Truth be told, I didn’t expect any less as this car has run 300Km/h on the 1Km before.  Another crowd favourite was Abdul’s Malaren 650S, and from the looks of its 287.31Km/h run, I’m not at all convinced that its “stock”. The quickest VAG on the day was Calvin Dia’s Audi RS3 which just managed to edge Phumalani Munbe’s 7R with a speed of 266.42Km/H over the 1Km mark.

Amongst the strong VAG and Opel’s was a certain BMW 135 belonging to Zaid Mulla, which technically posted the highest BMW speed on the day when he crossed the trap at 260.86Km/h. The fastest Ford on the day was a Focus ST belonging to Jayden Loubser which crossed the traps at 242.95Km/H.

The highlight of the day was watching the Jo Burg Auto Tech BMW cross the 1Km mark at a speed of 325.5Km/h. Dear BMW fan’s, before you start screaming and cheering for your brand, I have to add this car actually runs a Toyota 2JZ motor, so technically, it isn’t a BMW.

Aside from the cars mentioned here, if you look at the results, you’ll see that there were a number of other very runs on the day. And while on the topic of results, although Race SA events have always been renowned for hosting 1Km challenges, Nazzy was pleased to announce that they’ve opted to include 800m speeds and time as so that competitors could see where they fit in with the global 1/2mile challenge.

As a matter of interest, the next Race SA event will be “Fastest in the land” and takes place at ODI Raceway on the 6th August. See you there.