“Drag racing on a Saturday?” you say… that’s right, this Saturday  RACIN’SA hosted their Invitational Event out at ODI Raceway; now as most of you that follow the RACIN’SA events know they normally run their 1km Top End challenges on a Sunday. Well Nazzy decided to change things up a little at this event, not only the day of the event, but the actual format for the days racing too.

I got there a little after 10am, as Google maps took me on a special route; let’s just say that ain’t gonna happen again… lol. As I pulled into the event I could already see some of the big names in the game all parked in the pits, all prepping the cars for the days racing; and yes today it would actually be a racing event, with guys all doing head to head challenges (A drag event worth being at for sure).

I parked the toaster in the shade, grabbed my cameras and headed out to the pits to see what the day had install for us, whose changed their set ups and what arsenal they brought to the track for the day. With big names like NXgen Performance, Joburg Auto Tech, Turbo & NOS, MPH Chip Tuning, Motronixs, Nelo Performance, Ice Motorsport and Extreme Performance in the house, I knew there were going to be some epic times and speeds put down on the day.

Crowd favourite at these events will always be Stelios Sissou and his crazy as f*@k Nissan GTR tuned by NXgen, and on the day as usual, he did not disappoint. Launching the GTR and activating “Beast Mode” he tore up the strip pushing his gearbox to the limits and putting down some insane 1km speeds of 337km/h plus. But wait, there’s more, today he decided to bring along another toy, a bright orange McLaren which he had a lot of fun with for sure.

I walked through the pits chatting away to some of the racers who I’ve come to know through the Magazine, and I stopped to chat to Prean from Ice Motorsport, who had brought along a “Stock” Supra that I saw at the last drag event a few weeks back, that was driven by Ravi Chetty that weekend; however… Ravi decided to bring along a “Unicorn” to this event. When I say Unicorn, I mean I haven’t seen one on the roads, let alone a drag event. Ravi decided to let his Lexus LFA out the stables to come prance down the ODI strip, not something you see every day. The sound that comes out those trio-exhaust tips is sound you only hear at a Formula 1 track.

Now besides Ravi’s LFA, there were a couple of beauties at this event worth mentioning, with some of the sexiest engine bays and curves to go with it. Out of the NXgen stables, there was one of the sexiest Mitsubishi EVO’s you have ever seen at the track. All dressed in a black number with wide hips and gold shoes. Not only did it look good, but it sounded awesome when the boost kicked in and rocketed down the track.

Another have to mention car, would be Jaco Swart’s Toyota 86 with a 2J engine swap, all dressed in black and purple, with a turbo that looked like it would suck little school kids in if they got too close. Jaco arrived a little late in the morning and spent most of the morning changing his rear wheels to slick and the dialing in the 2J for the track. Once again not only does the 86 look pretty, the sound coming out that motor was beautiful, like a perfectly tuned fender Stratocaster about to be played by a Rock legend. All that prep paid off as Jaco took 1st place in his class.

With drivers briefing out the way and the head to head races paired up, the elimination rounds would begin. With some of the ballsiest guys going up against each other, when I say ballsiest, I mean guys on crotch rockets going up against GTR’s… Car VS Bike, who would win?

Once again Nazeer and his crew pulled off an awesome days racing, and with a change up in format pushing out some of fastest speeds for some of the guys, like Waleed Bassadien & Seraaj Rylands who manged to get their Toyota Supra down the strip at 292km/h at 800m mark, and the 323km/h over the 1km; making theme the fastest car out of Cape Town, well done guys.

The crowds where most definitely not bored and with the sexy pit girls keeping the racers cool with their umbrellas and Ashfaaq on the mic to keep the crowds entertained, spectators did not leave the event disappointed. Well done RACIN’SA for a great day of racing. Till next time, keep safe, keep boosting and keep it Supafly

For all race results check out RaceSA Facebook page…