With the country in the state that it’s in, it’s awesome to see that as car enthusiast we won’t let things get us down; this was ever present with SA Torque’s Jozi Breakfast Run, “Chapter 1”. We all met up at the crack of dawn at Tashas in Bedforview, where the parking lot soon filled up with over a hundred cars from every stable and every class; with some really stunning super cars making the journey with us.

As usual I parked the Toaster between the see of cars, made my greetings, grabbed my camera and started snapping away. With so many cars to choose from, I made my way up and down the parking lot and began the clicking, stopping every now and then to chat to the drivers and friends. I met a pretty cool group of guys and girls, one of them being Keagyn Gonclalves and we got to chatting about his Toyota 86 his building, sadly we going to have to wait a while to see the finished product. (Something we’re waiting to see when it done, and watch the pages of the magazine for the build… coming soon hahaha)

With pleasantries out the way, and the guys from SA Torques giving the drivers a quick route brief and rules of the convoy, we all climbed into our cars made our way onto the highway; not an easy task to keep such a large group of people together in one big convoy. One by one we left the parking lot, turned up Van Buuren drive and made our way to the N1. To make sure I wasn’t left with zero cars in a convoy (which seems to be the norm with a large group) Jude, Nate, Keagyn and his group of friends and myself kept together in a nice group, allowing me to capture some really cool rollers till we got to Malibongwe Drive.

As usual I hung my camera out the window and started snapping away at the cars on the convoy. With the sun in just the perfect spot, capturing those rollers and getting the right shot was made easier (well as easy as it can get doing 120km/h and snapping hahaha). We pulled off the highway at Malibongwe and started our journey towards Hartebeesport Dam. By now a lot more of the cars had caught up and joined our group.

What would a breakfast run to Upperdeck be without a quick stop on the bridge over Haartebeesport Dam for a quick photo opportunity and time for the stragglers to catch up with the rest of the group? Without sounding punning, damn there were a lot of cars! I haven’t seen a group of cars this big for a breakfast run in while. We soon made our way to the final stop, and regrouped again in the parking lot next to the Upperdeck restaurant.

I don’t think they knew what hit them and I’m sure the kitchen had to work overtime. I’ll be honest this was very present in the food we ordered… guess I should have stuck to their house special the Eisbein; but it was way too early for that lol. Oh well you can’t win them all, and just spending the morning with a whole lot of petrol heads was more than enough. Well done to SA Torque Jozi for hosting a great run, I’m sure the Cape Town guys will have to try a lot harder to outdo you and if this is just the first chapter… then we’re most definitely looking forward to Chapter 2!


Till next, keep the passion, keep the fuel tank full, keep it safe and keep it Supafly.