This past weekend the Scooby Nation hosted their Summer Slam 2018 out at Steve’s Auto Clinic in Boksburg; a little bit of a drive but well worth it. I got there a little after 9am and was met by small number of Subaru’s all parked in row waiting to get the day stared on the dyno. Their dyno is pretty jacked up, for a four wheel dyno it had the capabilities of adjusting the rollers to the length of the car, which was pretty impressive. As it was still early and there were more events on the same day, the morning group of Scooby owners took it easy as they queued up, which gave me some time to grab my gear and snap some pics. I walked through the parking lot snapping away at the line of Subaru’s all parked there and it was like a sea of Blue and Silver, but then there was this stunning Green and Carbon Impreza that stood out, well I should say POPPED out, not everyday you see a big green Scooby hahahaha.Carrying on up the line Subara East Rand had brought along two of their latest editions to the Scooby Blood line with their 2017 and 2018 Subaru STI’s not a bad looking line up if I do say so myself, and I’m sure true Scooby fans would say so too.Unichip brought along their twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo, now I was really hoping that they would put this beast on the dyno, but sadly they didn’t which was a bit of an anti-climax for me after hearing them start it up and reeving it; the roar that this bull gave off was enough to make the panties full off any super model… but hey maybe next time; then again the dyno did seem a little slippery for tracking on something with this much horse power.As they morning went on, more and more Scoobies arrived and soon the queue was out the gates, which meant Sacha needed to get his beast on the dyno soon. Bonnet closed and ready to be strapped in, they pulled his car onto the dyno and proceeded to strap her down. Now everyone know His Scooby makes massive power, so before proceeding the needed to remove the rear diffuser to add an extra strap to the rear of the car. Safely strapped down they proceed to do the runs, and damn!! his car sounds insane and clean through the power. He managed to push out 489.9KW, which also happened to be the highest reading of the day as well.
(video on our Instagram page..

Another big power of the day was Jason and his turbo charged Mazda RX7, now this was super entertaining to watch, as the guys from SAC had to open the put to try get more traction out of those back wheels as the RX7 was wheel spinning on the dyno at 6500rpms; which meant it could have gotten more power out as these rotaries rev up to 9000rpms and only putting out a run of 300KW. Pushing the car to the limits of the dyno on the second run, this little wankel shot out about a meter flame, giving the SAC champs a close roast hahaha. No need to cook the boeri rolls on the braai anymore hahaha.

The day went on and more and more cars made their runs, I had left just after 2pm as the sun had taken it’s toll on me from the early morning. Sacha has provided the results from the day as given to him by SAC Boksburg.