If you’re a big JDM fan, then the Simply Japan show hosted by BadaSS Kustoms & Simply Stance was the place to be. I headed out to the China Mall Zambesi with a fellow JDM fan Chad Lückhoff and his little Mazda Miata MX5; as we arrived we were greeted by Jaco “Chopstix” & his crew, gladly handed over the cash to park in the exclusive allocated roof parking, where I was graced with a sea of JDM cars from all rays of the Rising sun flag. (& yes a few other Asian Domestic Market brands too…)

Scanning the roof top for a parking, we parked our rides close to Oliver Bates & Megan Wesson from RevBlood nation with their sexy “His and Hers” Jap beast, Oli’s white Evo and Megan’s red Subaru; most definitely a power couple hahaha. As usual I parked the Toaster and grabbed my camera to start snapping away, and I was looking pretty forward to getting a little closer to all the eye candy that was there, as I’m sure most of you would know by now that I’m a huge JDM fan.


So greetings out the way and camera in hand I set off snapping away, capturing the day’s fun in the sun. I stumbled upon a really awesome blue Honda Accord from Orkney, owned by one Werner Retief. This particular Accord not only caught my eye, but those of the judges too, and rightfully so as they scored his ride “Best Tuner”, “Best Wheels” and “Best Overall Japan” trophy. With the bonnet off and the clean i-VTEC 2.4 DOHC showing, sitting pretty on a set of black VOLK TE37’s and a very subtle body kit just to finish it off perfectly. Well done Werner, look forward to the new seats and harness.

Moving along swiftly, I found myself in front of the Suzuki Swift Speed club, with a sea of yellow and white Swifts. Chelsy Pinto gave me a little teaser of Migz’s white Swift a while back, and phone pics just don’t cut it, seeing the car in person you get to appreciate it a little more; nothing over the top but it’s the subtle little things that sets his Swift apart, not to mention his personalised tyre stenciling… @itsmigzss.

Now when it comes to sexy engine bays, the Honda’s stood out the most, from the stunning black, grey and purple engine bay of the S2000, to the saucy blue EK9 SI with the pink engine bay and blue engine; not forgetting the gold, red and carbon engine bay of the white EK Type R that took the prize for the “Best Engine” of the day.

Now if you’ve been to most shows in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria you’re sure to stumble upon a very familiar car; Oom Nico’s gloss black and matte black wide body Nissan 350Z, complete with LSD Lambo style doors and 20” wheels (Which took 2nd place “Best Wheels”) and clean red and carbon V8 3.5 engine bay. You might have also seen it at our Speed and Sound MotorEx 2k16 show, where he also took away an award in the “New Jap” category.

With Prize giving out the way and the show n shine guys heading out, the day’s fun did not end there; as Jaco and the team hosted their Low-Limbo. With cars been packed with people to get them as low as possible, one by one they went under the pole to out limbo the next guy. Now when I say pile in the car… I literally mean “Pile in the car” as guys shoved themselves into every little bit of open space to add more weight to scrape and rub their way to become the lowest of the low hahaha.

Well done to Jaco and the guys for hosted their first Simply Jap show of the year, sure the numbers weren’t as large as we hoped, but that could just be due to the long weekend, I believe with the right timing, the next Jap event we could expect a lot more cars. Hopefully get some more of the JDM clubs to pull through.

Till next time, keep fresh, keep it JDM and keep it Supafly.