Awe. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, simply as I was very busy with work stuff, and getting out Issue190 which is on shelves now.If you haven’t already got it, pay day has passed, get a effin move on, I need to get paid!

It is rather cold down here in the Cape, and luckily we have had some rain, although water restrictions is still a female dog. I washed my car this weekend though, or I should rather say “Had it washed by someone who has a permit”, since I…uhm..don’t drive a Prelude….

Anyway, I was looking forward to the weekend past, as, because of the cold and Ramadaan, I haven’t really been out and about. The Psoriasis Association of South Africa approached me, asking to lend a hand by getting some cars for a park-off at their Market Day. While less cars pitched than we had anticipated, I’d just like to mention two guys in particular- Zuheir with the yellow Quantum on air, who let the van “dance” for the kids. The Quantum, much like the Karate Kid has the ability to go up-down, side-side, and lift each corner individually. Ryno, with his fully custom flipped and air’d Escort pitched too. These guys attend all shows religiously, but never say no to an opportunity to give back to the community, even when there are no prizes or trophies. Big ups to them. This was also not a car event, and many people present were amazed by the cars, as it was a first for many, seeing air-ride and how it works, or the fact that a car is fitted with a Playstation console.

Back to the car wash. I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning and detailing my own ride, to the best of my ability, as the car badly needed it. By the way, the guys from Meguiar’s will be having a demo this coming Wednesday, at Keith Fowler Agencies in Stikland. They will be showcasing their new range of waterless products, for us guys who want to save water. If you’re free on Wednesday at 15:00, pull through, especially if you’re a Prelude driver.

My car was super clean, and I also did a few suspension upgrades, so on Sunday I joined a few Mercedes enthusiasts on a breakfast run. The turnout wasn’t as great as expected, but I did manage to hook up with an old friend, and we took his R35 for a test around the Nurburgring. Okay, it was the N1 but you get the idea. We spent the good part of an hour reminiscing and discussing the industry, and when I eventually left to join the run, the Merc guys were 40km away. Perfect opportunity to test my suspension tweaks- the West Coast road never seemed so short before…

Like I said, the turnouts at both events I attended this weekend wasn’t great, but it was enjoyable. On Saturday I spent time with guys of the show scene, and on Sunday with a fellow motoring journo who has most of the same views as I do, which was very refreshing. I’ll probably step on toes, but there are too many people in the scene who think they know cars, but do not. Passion and YOUR love for something alone, doesn’t make you a car guy, but we explored that already and I should probably do a follow up.

Something else was also confirmed yesterday. I’ve always maintained that I love older Mercs more than the newer ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all, but I do think the later models are too over engineered and lost some of the heritage which the older ones provide. I am also on record as saying that I think the AMG marque lost its authenticity when they started mass producing models.

Besides that I find the cars characterless, I think it is a different kinda person who purchases these vehicles too. There were Merc purists yesterday, with classic rides, but also boy racer know-it-all types who spoke of trade-in values, software upgrades and how they will “run this GTR” (the R35 which we took for a spin). To me, these peeps aren’t true Mercedes drivers, they didn’t purchase it for the heritage, or because they are brand loyal, I am willing to bet newer Mercedes drivers, under the age of 30, would in all probability buy an Audi and call it an upgrade cos it is, well, more popular.

I guess that is the way the world is moving, and I’m just an old fart. Be that as it may, it was great spending time with guys who share a similar passion for cars, albeit not all with the same level of understanding or enthusiasm, and I loved the weekend’s shenanigans. Sometimes one gets tired of cars cars cars all day, everyday. But sometimes you have to appreciate the people you meet along the way, because of cars cars cars.