Aweeeeeee! Been a while, neh? 10 weeks since I’ve last ventured into this blog space. Besides that I needed a break from all the mayhem, I was ill. Like VERY ill. Shit, I almost died, thanks to a little mosquito. Be that as it may, I survived, and I am still able to bring you the best content and bitch about all things motoring. Okay, I don’t bitch and moan so much anymore as I have given up on wanting to improve standards in the scene- for now at least. I was going to start a fresh new approach next year, but I figured I’d leave you with some of the finer moments, and some not so fine, of 2017.

After 2016 kicked my ass behoorlik, 2017 was much better, but it still was a tough year. Undoubtedly, the best weekend was when we were invited to Autograph Racing’s 10th birthday bash in the Windy City. The weekend was filled with lots of laughs, comradery, and top-notch racing. Every single person had a blast and there were absolutely no negatives. To me, THAT weekend represented everything that is good about this industry.

I haven’t managed to attend all the MSA events at Killarney this year but hey, I pop by when I can, and the competition, especially in the FWD naturally aspirated class is off the chain. Everyone is running quick times suddenly, which is testament that people upped their game in a big way. Waar hulle geld kry, wil ek weet. Speaking of MSA, I’m still upset about how they treat my colleagues, and people in general. The same could be said about those in authority at Killarney, and some of the marshals. I’m not the only person who notices these things, and a bit of friendliness and a smile goes a long way. We’re mos not criminals, neither are we misbehaving toddlers who deserve a tongue-lashing. Mutual respect does wonders for unity, eksemanet.

I traveled up to ODI twice this year to support my good friend Mr NOS GP (okay, only cos he has the best promo girls) at the RACE SA events. Here we got to see the fastest top end monsters, which is a sight to behold, even if you aren’t a petrolhead. Hopefully the events will come to other parts of the country but unfortunately politics always end up making the pap suur. Monopoly is mos a board game that taught us very bad habits. But 2018 will be better, cos I say so, so watch this space, hier kom ‘n ding!

Cape Town’s best motoring event by far was Drift City, and even though the fizz popped early, kinda like a premature ejaculation, it was still a cut above the rest. Better than Rally X even, because it was cheaper. Way cheaper. Like waaaaay cheaper. Like cheaper than the parking prices even. Like…nevermind.

Then there were car shows. LOL!  Ya nay, car shows. I judged at a few shows and there is a huge improvement, and I applaud everyone who contributed to it. There are however still people who come to shows with scrap…wait, allow me to rephrase…there are still organisers who allow people to come to shows with scrap, just to get more Randelas in their pockets, for whatever reason. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I ain’t gonna bitch about it too much though.

What else happened that was worth mentioning? Waleed Bassadien’s Supra ran in the late 320’s on home soil and Shaheen’s Suspect UTE ran over 300kmh while testing. It also ran a 9.7second quartermile on its first time out, and Shaheen told me way back in April, when we featured the bakkie (on the cover, l cos its too damn duidelik) that at the end of the year, he would like to go for gold. With one event still left, my money is on him to break into the 8’s. He deserves it. I see that a lot lately, lotsa “congrats”, “well done” and “you deserve that”. Well, if anyone deserves it, it is Team Suspect with their backyard-built world class monstrosity of a machine.

2017 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the haters, the backstabbers and the…..nee wag, if I use my Cape Town language I might be reported. Again. And then Annie might moer me, she’s been working out and her biceps look meaner than Joel’s CRX ever did. She also might just use bad language on social media, which is bad apparently, if you’re a CEO. Annie. CEO. Nogal.  Speaking of the boss persons, they are in the process of trying to revive Sport Compact, along with that midget Mr Loonat, and that is something the industry definitely needs at this point. Wait, back to the haters…This year I’ve learnt that there are so much politics all because of egos and people that are so insecure and need recognition, that they will stoop to the abyss of the industry, to discredit the Speed and Sound brand, and even little old me. I kinda feel kwaai that I’m held in such high regard as an influencer, even though only five people read my shit. At the end of the day we are a loyal team of easy-going peeps with lots of passion for the industry, and we know there will always be haters, but we can’t please everyone all of the time. It is the nature of life. We are always appreciative of the little things though, and when we inevitably get the negative comments and insults, we take solace that there are almost 2 million people who still support us. Thank you.Sure, 2017 was tough, but it wasn’t all kak, we just gotta keep keeping on and look to the future. Be positive, and not bitch so much. Bwhahahaha. 2018 is going to be great, I will even be racing, maybe with a new car, an old one, or maybe from the keyboard, I will surprise you. Enjoy the festive season, have a wonderful time with your loved ones, and cherish these memorable moments. I’d like to thank all my followers and readers from the bottom of my cholesterol-filled heart for all your support, and words of encouragement when I needed it. I appreciate all of you so much (all five of you). Thanks for always supporting the brand, even through tough economic times. I promise to continue to do my best in terms of delivering content worth reading, and to be the pain I am to most.

See ya’ll in 2018!