This past weekend Joburg was filled with show events from drag racing to stance shows, we caught up with the JHB Parties “Stance Sanctuary” host at the Apartheid Museum. Now first off you would be thinking; “How do you host an event at a National Tourist landmark?” Well Rizo and his team managed to do just that.

Now getting into the area allocated for the event was one of the most trickiest and most nerve wrecking drives I’ve have ever encountered, as narrow entrances, sharp turns, trees and shop windows made me feel like a bull in a china shop, trying your hardest not to damage your car or the builds. Once Joel and myself got into the show area and set up the gazebos, we parked our cars and made our way through the venue.

Now we were among the lucky few who got to park on the paved area allocated for the the vendors and sponsors, as for the rest of the cars they had to park on an open field, which in itself was not an  easy task. The static cars did not have it easy at all as the entrance was gravel and cars seemed to get stuck too easy even with the boards laid out… this is where air ride comes in super handy lol.But enough about that… lets discuss the cars and the rest of the show as a whole. With so many other events happening on the same day it was good to see the stance community come through to such an epic venue, and what better way to embrace the diversity of our colourful nation that at a museum which celebrates the end of a struggling nation, where everyone has the same freedom to showcase their passion for their rides. If you ask me I think that VW broke apartheid with their cars; and what I mean by that is simple… even though there was this heavy burden on our nation, thousands of people across our nation shared the love for one car and that was the Golf.With a field of VAG’s and well German cars,  it was nice to see a few JDM cars there too, Joel and I didn’t feel like the odd ones out hahaha, with some really cool Honda’s, Toyota’s and even a nice old school Datsun attending the show too, showing once again the awesome diversity of our country… nice one guys. (Insert High Five here) The show went on till about 6pm, but to avoid a serious traffic jam getting out of the venue I had left a little earlier, bobbing and weaving through the 1km/h obstetrical course hahaha.