Sometimes a “Thank you” just doesn’t cut it…There are times when you want to convey the greatest appreciation…but words are not yet invented to relay that height of appreciation. However we, TEAM STREETGLOW will try our best to acknowledge each and everyone that joined hands, opened their hearts, and displayed the most noble gesture of the greatest generosity that we have ever witnessed.

From the early planning stages of this charity show for Baby Ariya, we knew that with our good friends, our incredible supporters and acquaintances that we would be able to help take some burden off that high medical cost…However, we did not anticipate the colossal amount raised at yesterdays show…NEVER at any Sound Off has this amount been raised in a single show for charity!!!

So here’s exactly what happened at the STREETGLOW show:

We projected a target of R100 000. During the course of the day we received R43000 from individual donations and entrants. There’s just so many to thank but you all know who you are…and we know who you are…To all of you, Respect!! and a big THANK YOU!! Give yourselves a pat on the back!!
To Mr Bruce Naidoo and his wife Charmaine, the sense of generosity you guys possess is out of this world. You have always supported us in our charity events and we salute you guys. This amazing couple donated a whopping R100 000.00 taking up the total to R143 000.00.


Then enters Mr Vino Naidoo from Ananzi Technologies and say why not round it off to R200 000.00 by donating a massive R57 000.00! A heartfelt Thank you Vino who also played a instrumental role in the planning and organising of this event.

We would like to thank
-Sheldon from KSK Electronics
-Sean and Roneetha Team McCarthy JHB
-Nash Ayoba Packaging
-Velero IASCA SA
-Red Chilli
-Speed and Sound Magazine
For your generous support.All our sponsors…Thank you!
As mentioned earlier…there is just too many to Thank individually…

So from Baby Ariya’s family and Team Streetglow, we humbly thank each and everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

Our Event would have not been this huge of a success if it was not for each and every person that attended. This has to be the most successful Sound off Charity Event to date!

We offer the most sincere gratitude!!

To our Team members from Team Streetglow…Well done members…We did good!!!

Team Streetglow