Supadrift National series Round three took place over the weekend at Dezzi South Coast Raceway, with a field of 28 drivers making their way down to the coast. Dezzi Raceway is one of the favourite tracks on the Supadrift calendar with it’s fast corners and rolling hills, giving the drivers a challenge every time they hit the circuit.Friday saw the drivers practice with a few drivers having mechanical problems for the next day like Mikey Skelton in his Rockford Fosgate 350z, who struggled with clutch and gearbox issues, leaving him out of the race on Saturday. Tinashe Bundo, one of the Pro1 drivers manged to find the wall and knocked himself out of for race day too.Race day would see drivers head up the hill and initiating at about 100km/h into a long right towards a rear clipping clipping point, then having them scrub speed as they transitioned into the bowl to a long rear zone before switched back up the hill to a tight front clipping point and switching once a again into a rear clipping zone before powering through to the finish line. For the Pro1 series drivers they battled to keep the momentum through out the whole track.The morning practice gave the driver a chance to hone in the runs before heading into qualifying and also gave me a chance to snap some photos as this year I’m up in the commentating box bring everyone the action on live stream, so getting the photos has become even harder for me; which did suck at this round as this event was some of the most insane driving I’ve seen from drivers in a long time, as the Pro drivers push the envelope and stuck it to each other on an international level.But before I get into that; I must give mention of the Pro1 series drivers as they too put on some amazing runs. Now the Pro1 is a new series that the Supadrift has launched this year, a kind of grass route series for the new and up-and-coming driver who want to get into the drifting nationals, but still need to get the seat and track time before going up against the Pro’s like Jason Webb, Jim McFarlane, Shane Gutzeit or Gavin Puren. This round we saw two new drivers join the ranks, Don Wheeler and Pierre van Reenen. With Don being a newbie to drift he did manage to get in a few good runs and also mange to score enough point in qualifying to go into the quarter finals up against Pierre. However Pierre manged to put down better runs and ended up in the finals against the series youngest driver, Sebastian Rich who had knocked out Trevor Puren in his run. With Sebastian and Pierre heading into the final, Sebastian manged to out drive Pierre and take the win; not too bad for newbie Pierre taking his first podium in his first Supadrift event.With Mikey being out, he joined me up in the commentating box along with the judges and we had to try contain ourselves as the top 8 drivers battled it out for podium. After a great start to the Pro races, the Top 16 battle saw a couple of great battles likes of Eric van Eyssen going up against Adam Shefer, two S14’s battling it out, Eric just didn’t have enough to pull away from Adam. With this run and every other run Adam showed he still has the Mr Miyagi magic, and even though he didn’t take podium, he took home driver of the day.

Top 8 would see a few OMT battles between drivers like Shane Gutzeit and Brendon Puren, as well as Jason Webb and Adam Shefer. These runs had everyone on their feet as drivers put on insane runs with proximity so close that drivers could take out a pen and signed each others doors; and these runs continued all the way through to the semi-finals where the runs where so close once again and the battle of the tyre brands went up against each other as Jim Mcfarlane in Achilles 350z would go up against Shane Gutzeit in his Dunlop R34 as they smoked up the circuit from start to finish; and these runs would continue onto the finals.The finals would see Jim Mcfarlane go up against Jason Webb, 2017 series champ versus two time champion; muscle versus muscle as they battled it out for the top spot. Run one would see Jason Lead and Jim take up the chase, with both drivers running a rear perfect run with such close proximity you’d need dental floss to separate them. Run two would see Jim lead and Jason give chase, this is where Jim lost the run as he took a high line on the initiation pushing him a little too far off and took out the rear clipping cone with his back wheel; if it wasn’t for that I believe we would have seen a OMT as the runs where so damn close.

Your podium for the Supadrift Round03

Pro1: 1st Sebastian Rich | 2nd Pierre van Reenen | 3rd Trevor Puren

Driver of the day: Adam Schefer

Pro: 1st Jason Webb | 2nd Jim Mcfarlane | 3rd Shane Gutzeit | 4th Zanil Satar

All-in-all the event was insane with the level of driving, and for those who missed it you can catch it all again at Round four in PE or Round five back at Dezzi. Till then keep it safe, keep it sideways and as always keep it Supafly…

All photos where taken before qualifying, no images of actual battles: