The Speed and Sound team pulled through to attend Turbo and Nos Connexion’s very first, and super successful breakfast run in the aid of charity. The Benoni-based high performance parts supplier welcomed hundreds of petrol heads to their business where charitable items such as food, blankets and hygiene products were handed over to the team. In front of the shop, modified and high-performance cars lined the street as car groups and mates socialized in the warm sun.

The Ekhuruleni Metro Police department offered their assistance by closing off the street. They even led the convoy from Turbo and Nos, escorting the line of cars onto the highway and towards the McDonald’s Meadowdale parking area.

“My daughter Faheema did a stellar job in organizing everything, from getting the cops to assist, and to making sure McDonalds were adequately prepared.” explains Mo Dawood. “We have two charities which we’re directly involved with, one being an old age home in Benoni and the other Kidshaven. The financial contributions and food supplies which we received during the week and on the day was amazing and we’re grateful for the support from everyone who came through to donate to a worthy cause.” Mo says the charity drive won’t be the last one either. The world’s a better place with the Dawood family.