Friday evening saw the VWCSA host their second “Midnight Run”, what can only be described as SA’s largest midnight run with cars from all makes and clubs getting together for one massive run. The last event was held in 2016 and close to 500 cars made their way around the ring road of Johannesburg; with that goal in mind Ian and the VWCSA Com decided they would try it again, and even though Mother Nature decided to make it a cold and wet night, this did not stop the masses of car lover to get to the starting point in Meadowdale.I arrived at the meeting at Meadowdale Mall round 23:00 to a pretty packed parking lot, where I parked the Toaster and grabbed my camera gear and headed out to take some snaps. Now like I said earlier, Mother Nature decided not to play along and even though it was raining now and then, more and more people rocked up to the run. There were a lot of hot car that pulled in, the guys from Swag Rides pulled through with their left hand drive Lamborghini Gallardo which caught a lot of people’s attention.For me I was taken in by the amount of JDM cars there, as they would hahaha, however walking back to the Toaster I stumbled upon a grey Audi RS3 slammed to the ground. Not every day a “stock” car grabs my attention, but this Audi had done just that, as it laid there all aired out with her chin lying on the ground. The OEM wheels tucked ever so snug in the rear arches, this RS3 had my full attention. Not all would make the full round trip, but they came to support the event and shoot the shit at the start line; they would take the direct route to the finish meeting point.Before heading out Ian gathered the now 300plus crowd together to explain the rules of the run as well as the route we would take, not an easy task as we all know with a crowd this large, “order” would be one of the hardest things to control. One by one we climbed back into our cars and headed towards the highway.Once out on the road it was pretty evident that the run would be split up into little packs as the traffic lights would stop cars before heading onto the main stretch. This was fine as it gave me time to try shoot the different groups… however, the rain did not play nicely with the camera gear and not getting rain on the lens was near impossible task; so sadly I did not get as many rolling shot as I had hoped to.Once the run was done, we all met up at the VWCSA headquarters at Oettinger SA, where the main road was once again taken over by hundreds of cars as they parked up and down the road. Ross and the team were on hand to make hot coffee for everyone, as well as provide a bit of shelter from the elements and music for entertainment.

Sure it was cold, and sure it was wet, but they doesn’t keep a car guy down, and well won’t stop me from snapping away either. So as the night went on I carried on snapping and chatting to mates. The event was pretty successful if I do say so myself, besides the few hooligans racing up and down (the Orange ST &the white BMW to name a few), feeling the need to turn the road into a race track, not taking into consideration the cars parked nor the people walking around. Besides the few the rest were pretty well behaved.Well done to the VWCSA team for yet another awesome event, be sure to check their Facebook page for their next events. Till the next time, keep the passion, keep it safe and as always keep it Supafly!