What better way to start the “Year of the Dog” than with a charity picnic to raise money for Woodrock Animal Rescue. The VWCSA hosted a “Puppies in park” this past weekend at the Golden Harvest Park in Randburg, a day out in the sun with Man’s best friend, and his dog hahahaha.

With everyone coming together to enjoy a day out in the sun with family, friends and their pups, there was no need for show boating or bragging rights as everyone parked off and found a shady spot to put down their picnic blankets and just chill.

To help raise funds for Woodrock, the VWCSA raffled off a cake as well as a sound bar; just a little carrot to help raise more cash, as a lot of the people brought along dog food, cleaning materials and more to help out. With all the donations and raffle money added, the day brought in just under R7000 for Woodrock, which we know will be put to great use.

What can I say about the day; besides the day being freaking hot, it was great to see so many people get together for an event that did not end in a plastic trophy. It was also great to see the VWCSA back under the chairmanship of Ian Foat, as I felt 2016 lacked a lot from the club, and with only January out the way the club has already set up several dates for more events this year, with the next one being the VWCSA Convoy to Campfest on the 4th.

Till the next event, be sure to keep the passion, keep it safe and as always… Keep it Supafly!