This weekend the VWCSA hosted their VKC event at the Vereening Karting Circuit, now you’d think that this would be a karting race where members would go head to head on a pro-karting circuit… well that’s what I expected. I met up with a small group of the com and drivers at the Sasol garage on Michele Ave before heading out to the event. There I was met by a few cars that had semi-slicks on and I thought; “Okay these guys are serious about their daily drives”, we soon hit the road to Vereening and soon the convoy got a little larger as more cars met us on route.As we arrived at the venue there was a queue of cars lined up out side the gates as we waited for the venue to open. I had noticed that there were a few other cars that had joined from the Michelin Cup too, and well thought that was pretty cool that they wanted to go racing against the VWCSA guys too.

Once inside I met up with Ian and the committee and this is when I was informed about the days event, and needles to say; I should have read the event flyer properly hahahaha, don’t judge, we all do that. So now that I knew what was going on, it made a lot more sense to me. The days racing would actually be the members taking their cars out on circuit to race against the clock and against each other, and this gave the Michelin guys a perfect opportunity to join and hone in their skills and tweak their cars for this years racing.

Once race briefing was done and the rules of the day laid out, the drivers each grabbed their transponders to fit to their cars for their time scoring. As this is a karting track, drivers had to fit them pretty low for the sensors to pick them up. Soon the guys had fitted their transponders and set up their cars for the first round of practice and qualifying; just so they could put the cars into specific groups so they didn’t have issues with slower cars holding back the faster cars and messing up their times.

RGM was on had to show off some as their awesome products for VW’s as well as supply the drivers with a little boost with their Torque race Fuels; you know to give them that little extra something, something.

With the niggely bits out the way, one by one the drivers took to the circuit, going out 3 at a time with a 30sec gap between them. The club sport Golfs looked like they were at home on the track as they whoosed around the track, sticking to the corners like little cars on a scale electric track. Wikus had his VW Caddy bakkie thrre and looked like he was having an absolute ball, as his bakkie cocked its back wheels and he took the corners on only three wheel, “don’t you know you’re meant to have all four wheels on track” hahahaha.

With a short and nippy circuit like this, the Suzuki guys saw a perfect opportunity to take their little Swifts around the track and Chaz even brought along their Suzuki Vitara Concept-S (featured in the latest issue 198) as they took them to the track, the little Swifts seemed at home too with their short wheel base. Another little car that seemed to love the circuit, was Clark’s little Citroen, with his lumo wheels and stiffened suspension, he darted through the corners with no effort.

With practice out the way and times set, the VWCSA grouped the drivers up and set them loose on the track. This meant business for the guys, and what can I say they had an absolute blast, and to be honest I was envious I never took the toaster out on circuit, but I knew she needs to go in for a service and she wasn’t up for the challenge.

Below are the times set by the drivers and have been supplied by VWCSA;