The VWCSA hosted their “Christmas in July” this past weekend at Oettinger South Africa in Edenvale, a sunny day out with family, friends, pooches and cars. Now it really did feel like a proper summer South African Xmas, as the sun played along and kept things heated up. The sun wasn’t the only thing heating up the day as both VWCSA members and non-members lined up to run their cars on Oettingers dyno.

With unlimited dyno runs, this gave each competitor more chances to outdo their last runs, with a little tweak here and there. One of the more powerful cars on the day was a red VW Mk2 Jumbo Golf pushing out well over 320kW, not to be out done, and to show off what the guys at Oettinger can do, Ross put his VW Golf7 R on the dyno, which too pushed out an impressive run of 364kW.

But the day was not just about the “Dyno Queens” as Edenvale’s main road was once again taken over by scores of slammed VW’s, BMW’s, Subaru’s, Evo’s, VW Bugs and even the Toaster hahaha. With a nice variety of cars parked up and down the main road, it goes to show no matter whose hosting an event, people with a passion for cars will always get together for good vibes and Sunday chill, after all what is a Xmas roast without family hahaha.

Well most of my day was spent walking up and down the road taking pics of the cool cars, I spent most of my day chilling with Miggz from FSU Development who had set up shop to showcase some of his awesome goods he brings in… and as most of you might know, he has supplied me with most of the awesome JDM goodies in the Toaster. Chilling with mates is one of the things I enjoy most about car events like this, where we shoot the shit and leave all the politics and BS behind us, aint nobody got time for bad vibes lol.

One of the highlights of the day had to be the unveiling of Oettingers “Frankenstein” Polo Vivo, a project that Ross and the team have been busy with over the last few months. Now this aint no ordinary Polo Vivo, this wide body monster was hand sculpted by the team and the aggressive body was not just for show, as they have transplanted the all-wheel drive along with the powerhouse and interior of an Audi S3. I would divulge more, but you’ll have to wait for the full feature.

But what would Xmas be without presents, right? With NF Additives giving away some of their octane boost products to the competitors on the day, Kiran Nundlall from Meguiar’s sponsored some products to the winners as well as a full detailing for the best of show winner. Well with a repeat of German vs Japan, Warren Rodgers in his saucy Mazda RX7 won “Best of Show”

Well done to the VWCSA committee for hosting a cool event like this, with everyone pulling together and doing their part to making the day awesome.