We’d like to introduce you to “Paddy”, a turbocharged, fire-breathing Caddy owned and piloted by Capetonian Scott Wyness.

By Graeme Hank

I found myself crouched behind a blind wall beyond the finish line at Killarney International Raceway; camera still clutched in hand, thinking “Well, this isn’t the brightest idea I’ve come up with.” You see; totally sight unseen – and going by sound alone – I was attempting to track a 470kW, 770Nm turbocharged drag racing weapon doing a full-tilt fly-by. I’d literally have about a second-and-a-half’s worth of shooting time, before it would all be over. Why? Because I figured it’d be cool to see what the parachute looks like, being deployed. Also, because this 2006 VW Caddy bakkie belonging to Scott Wyness sounds – for a lack of a better term – effing mental. At 8500rpm, she’s a screamer lads!

After the gutted Caddy had been used as a drinking table one night, Craig Fletcher and Scott’s tief “Bad Brad” Bradley van Rooi managed to persuade him that a “few” changes to the motor would yield some good gains. Scat rods, Arias pistons, KS bearings and an OEM FSI crank are all up to the abuse; while the head packs a potent combo of Van Der Linde cams and Supertech dual valve springs. Everything is held together by ARP bolts, and represents the right ingredients to produce a potent cocktail of power. On the induction side of things, Scott opted for a healthy-sized Precision 6262 journal-bearing turbo.

The 2.2bar of boost is cooled by a custom-made ice box charge cooler and is fed to the motor via a custom intake plenum mated to a 90mm throttle body. It’s a very efficient and practical setup, especially in terms of the shortest route possible for the charged air to travel from the turbo to the motor. The boost controller is a FuelTech Dual Valve item, running off a cabin-mounted Co2 bottle.

On the fueling side of things, a Flat Four Racing custom fuel cell is built into the left-front corner of the engine bay. This holds the top-secret methanol/ethanol blend used to fuel the beast; while twin Bosch 044’s pump at a crazy rate via the rad, anodized fuel lines & fittings to the aftermarket fuel rail which houses those Fuel Injector Clinic 1600cc babies.

Probably the best investment into this build though, has to be the FuelTech FT500 ECU. 470kW/770Nm later, and the Tilton double-pack clutch / Fulrace Engineering flywheel combo, mated to the custom-ratio VW O2M ‘box and Fulrace Engineering driveshafts / chromoly CV’s and billet CV boots have their hands VERY full delivering all that power to the chunky M/T’s up front. Braking is an interesting affair: OEM discs and calipers, along with the Simpson parachute is all that Scott relies on to break the scary momentum of a 10-second pass.

There’s an aluminium dashboard which houses anodized remote-mounted reservoirs and the FT500 dash display unit; while a roll cage brace protrudes from the dash, and houses the custom switch panel. Gears are banged via a genuine Sparco shifter, while Scott’s bum also has the privilege of being nestled in an envy-generating Sparco lightweight seat.

With a current personal best of 10.9 @ 211km/h (on his first time out with the new setup, by the way); Scott and the boys are only beginning to scratch at the surface of what Paddy the Caddy is destined to achieve in 2019. With the Caddy being permanently homed, maintained and developed at 1st Performance, we know it’s in good hands. Now, suddenly, that quest for 9’s doesn’t seem so unreasonable does it?


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