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Legendary. That’s what the Toyota Hilux has become. When Toyota South Africa first launched the workhorse in the mid 70’s, they had no idea it would become the most successful and bestselling bakkie. Over the years, it not just contributed to building a nation, but was at the forefront for recreation and family adventures. It was a bakkie used to load friends to go to the rugby, for weekends in the bush and fishing expeditions.

It was in the early 1990’s when, arguably first on the Cape flats, when Hilux’s were starting to be modified. From popular 4Y engines with twin Weber sidedrafts, to arguably the first Supra-powered Hilux in the country, emanating from, you guessed it, Grassy Park. Fast forward a few decades and the Hilux is now one of the more popular bakkies for conversions, more specifically, for Supra engine conversions.

Raymond Swarts acquired this Legend workhorse already fitted with a 2JZ powerplant and was his toy, until one day at the drags, boom! He then went to the headquarters of 2JZ’s in the North, Ice Motorsport, where Prean Govender was given a simple instruction. “I want to be the fastest street Hilux in the country”. Prean understood Raymond’s language, and what you see here is a result of boosted 2J communication.

The motor is an ICE1000 spec engine which, as Prean explains, is a fully built motor with the ability to make 1000bhp reliably. Well, how do they do that? Manley pistons and Manley H-beam rods are stuffed into the engine block, and bolted together by ARP stuff everywhere. The OEM oil pump is modified for better lubrication than KY Jelly, and the cylinder head received full head work from SAC Engineering in Vanderbijlpark. Raymond says “to Ice Motorsport specs”, so I guess they share a few secrets amongst each other. What we do know, is that Supertech valves and springs, and GSC52 camshafts are in play. Boost is supplied by a moerse Borg Warner turbo, and after it is cooled by a moerse intercooler, it enters the moerse throttle body. Okay, we’ve seen bigger than 90mm on a Greddy intake, but bigger isn’t always better.

Six 2200cc injectors provide the fuel, which is delivered by, hey! Not two as per usual, but three Bosch 044 pumps! That’s a lot of fuel, but there’s little thing called nitrous oxide that needs plenty of fuel to be efficient, otherwise BOOM!! Raymond’s intention was to be the first turbo-only Hilux in the 10s, but after achieving a PB of 10.3, the goal posts shifted. He is now chasing 9’s, and the laughing gas was added just to spool up the mammoth turbo a bit quicker. Fuelling is controlled by an AEM Infinity engine management system and is the full AEM package, meaning it has capabilities for flex fuel, boost control and engine protection.

“A Hilux chasing 9’s?” I hear you ask. How they gonna do that? The drivetrain is as special as it is different. It’s an auto! Not any auto tranny, mind you, but a fully built TH350. Apparantly that’s better than a TH400 (I heard that once at the drags, from an unreliable source, so don’t take my word it). Power is then transferred via a custom torque convertor, which is attached to a PPT Pro Billet adaptor, linking to the flex plate. Strange yokes are in play, and the Ford 9” differential has Strange internals too. Strange, but not so strange, considering the power.

Raymond chose super sexy Billet Specialities in a size of 17”, with 7J in the front and broad 12J’s at the rear, wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Streets. On race days however, they’re swapped out for 15” Full slick Mickeys! With the diff setup and wide wheels, custom arches were fabricated by Arctic Trucks, and is an indication, from afar, that this ain’t no normal bakkie. I guess with 600kw at the rear wheels and 950Nm of torque, not much is normal.

Raymond has a clear vision for this mean machine, and he has huge appreciation for Prean from Ice Motorsport not just for the motor and the tuning, but for sharing his vision, and for helping him realise it. Once the bakkie is in the 9’s, which I’m sure will be in the very near future, it will be set up for 1km runs. Raymond always wanted the fastest Hilux, a fun toy put together by the best in the business, using the best parts in the business.

He would also like to thank everyone who helped him along the way, including the 016 Street Elite family, Piet Plaas from PPT Pro Billet and JP from JSeven Fabrication for the exhaust and all the pipe work. Last but not least, a huge thanks, en ‘n drukkie, to his, and I quote: “Amazing wife”, and his speed junkie family for all his “boost issue” support. They’re all legendary!

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