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In an unfortunate turn of events, the world’s leading and innovative giant in air suspension has filed for bankruptcy and closed down. AccuAir released a statement a few hours ago that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven insurmountable for the business. Directors had no choice to take this drastic move after the California State closure that was expected to last only 2 weeks has now been extended through the end of April or possibly longer.

The company has been in operation for 18 years, and have a massive following worldwide. Founded in 2001 by brothers Reno and Dustin Heon, AccuAir has stayed true to its motto by investing more design, engineering, and testing into the Art of Controlling Air Suspension than anyone else in the world.

The release further went on to say “Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for the many customers that loyally supported AccuAir over the past 18 years and made it possible for us to create the most innovative products in the industry. Although the end is bitter, our role in making aftermarket air suspension grow from niche to mainstream was pretty sweet. The many families that our business provided for (both internal and external) and the many close relationships developed over all those years offers us some consolation that it wasn’t “all for nothing”.

With regard to warranty issues and support, unfortunately all operations have been stopped and there is no staff to address your questions. One wonders if a gap in the market has opened up for others to capitilize on? Could this be the first of many industry leaders closing down? It’s a scary, unpredictable world we’re living in.

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