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Nothing beats a good day out in the park than Angela’s Picnic; a day spent with hundreds of car enthusiast from all over Johannesburg and Pretoria. With such a wide variety of cars, every petrol head had more than enough eye candy to keep their appetite satisfied. I arrived shortly after 10am, after getting Toasty washed for the day (not gonna have a dirty Toaster on display hahaha) and Delta park was already buzzing with the sounds of cars and the smell of skottle braais with bacon and eggs being fried up for breakfast.

Toasty parked it was time to head out to the sea of metal and tyres, with camera in hand I started taking snaps of as much as I could. With these events there is just so much variety and the nostalgia of the classic cars just takes up so much of your childhood memories of road trips with you friends and family. I always have a soft spot for the older cars, and not just because I too am old AF these days hahaha, but just to see how people have manged to maintain the machines after all these years, and to see how cars from the 60’s and 70’s are still going strong; thanks to the love of the owners.

As most know I am a massive JDM fan and naturally I will drift towards the Datsuns, Nissans and Toyotas whenever I see them. Angela’s Picnic, for some reason all the awesome cars come crawling out the wood works, and old school Fairlady Z’s and Datsun 510’s make their way to centre stage. Not forgetting the 200sx’s and the rest of the Z-family. Most opting to keep the classic look, while the younger guys turning more towards the tuning side of things as well as the stance life. I was in love with a classic red Datsun 240 Fairlady Z, however the wheel choice left me wanting more… but that’s just me.

Okay, enough about the JDM’s, with so many cool German cars there too, once again I was drawn to my favourite brand in the German stable; Porsche… I was not disappointed at all. There were so many models all around Delta park, that I’m sure I missed a few. The Porsche that stood out above all the rest, and not just because of the colour; was Eddie’s magenta Carrera. All dressed in pink with the classic Carrera door livery in gold with matching gold Fuchs wheels. Yes there were some awesome classic models like the 356’s and a stunning red 911GT with a wide body kit, but I think it was the both the colour combo and the back story that made Eddie’s Carrera stand out to me.

Heading back to the Toaster I stumbled upon an tangerine 1968 Lamborghini Miura, the same colour as the one used in the original Italian Job movie from in the opening scenes. I believe this to be the only one on the roads in Johannesburg, or even South Africa, but I stand to be corrected. This little gem was just so interesting to look at, with its strange headlights and body lines, the Miura was definitely something unique, as I sat patiently to get snap a picture.

Well what can I say about Angela’s picnic; this is most definitely one for the whole family. If you are a lover of all things automotive, be it muscle, Japaneese, German, French or Italian, then make sure you add this event to your yearly calendar. Thanks again to the organisers for hosting a great event. Till the next time, remember, it’s not about what you drive, it all about the Car – Passion – Culture!


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