First it battered South Africa’s high-end retailers with its low prices and huge range of wheels. Now wheel and accessory giant Autostyling Klerksdorp has opened a pop-up store selling everything from wheels and coilovers, merchandise, car audio combos and detailing ware.

Situated on the upper level of Eastgate Shopping Centre (just a few shops down from Krispy Kreme), the store opened its doors today, and was abuzz with inquisitive shoppers by the time we arrived.

“We’re not permanent as yet, but it’s a perfect opportunity to show our clients what we specialize in.” says Carlon Miles (below), brand ambassador and marketing whip for Autostyling. “Klerksdorp is quite a distance away, so by opening a store in Eastgate offers a more convenient option for our Jo’burg-based customers.”

The Autostyling team had four days to renovate the 180 square meter store, and looking at the final result, they’ve done a sterling job. Clever lighting, polished wheels in all shapes and sizes, and a Teddy Bear-rimmed Volkswagen Caddy lures the masses who are greeted on-hand by the super friendly and knowledgeable AS sales team. “We’ve already sold a few sets of wheels and coilies this morning. But whatever we don’t have in store, our head office will deliver it immediately.”

“It’s the first of its kind in the country, and we had about a week to pull it off. To celebrate the opening, we’re also handing out a free giveaways: for example, every paying customer will get an AS t-shirt and a decal for free.”

Opening times is from 9am-6pm. Grab the wife. Grab the credit card!


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