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We’ve known about this rear wheel drive Toyota Auris build for some time now, and they finally finished it…V8 and all!

By Shudley Daniels

So, if you’re piloting a monster 2JZ-powered Mk4 Supra on the South African drift circuit, then yes, a front wheel driven glorified Yaris is very different, to say the least. This isn’t a normal Auris though. This is, well, let’s just say if Dr Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, Kiichiro Toyoda, Henry Ford, Carroll Shelby and Chuck Norris got together for a night of drunken and disorderly explicitness, 9 months later this love child would appear. While wild parties are not the thing of Chris and his Dad Ian, they with the backing of Mike’s Place and a few other mechanical geniuses, took 14 months to complete this behemoth.

Obviously, being a drift car it was converted so that the rear wheels get the power, and power is supplied by a Ford V8. A Ford Mustang 5.0 Coyote fitted with a Whipple supercharger, in a Toyota Auris. Read that again and take a moment to let it sink in. Excuse my language but…f%&k!

The car started its life as a shell from Toyota Motorsport, and as you can well imagine, it was no mean feat to get it to where it is today. Lots and lots of fabrication, blood, sweat, vulgarities and obviously a few Rands were poured into the project. A Gloss black base coat hides under the livery, and a Rocket Bunny V2 off a S13 was custom-grafted onto the little Toyota by the Accident Guru. Dad Ian fabricated the rear wing himself and I must admit, looks really good! Polycarbonate front windows replace the glass, while the rear is still factory. There are also custom roof vents allowing cool air onto the radiator which is mounted in the boot, essentially.

While the motor remains relatively stock (weird word to use when seeing this car), the intake with a 100mm throttle body has been changed to accommodate the Stage 2 Whipple charger. A Craig Davies electric water pump is utilized to regulate coolant flow, relative to engine temperatures. From the 20L fuel tank, copious amounts of juice is pumped via not one, not two, but three Bosch 044 pumps. Overkill? I think not! The eight 950cc Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are controlled by a Fueltech FT550 standalone ECU, which by now needs no introduction. A power plant making just shy of 1000hp in a little hot hatch is enough to get any man (or woman) salivating but wait, things get better. A lot better!

Being a drift car, it is a no-brainer that the rear end and suspension is the heartbeat of the Auris, so it is also a no-brainer that two drift car gods had a hand in the build. Speedy Webb designed the front and rear suspension components while master fabricator Sir Bob the Brewis had both his hands in the pie too. I’m willing to bet other parts of his body were involved as well. BC Racing coilovers allow for perfect adjustment while VW Passat front hubs (Volkswagen parts are for everything!) and Honda VTR brake discs help stop the car on the odd occasion when stopping is needed. A Nameless Performance independent handbrake system is in play.

The rear end is not something we see every day. The triple pack Nascar-type clutch transfers the power to the Winter Quickchange differential and Caravelle T5 shafts. With the Quickchange fitted, ratios can be altered on the fly, which on drift days can mean the difference between a podium position and not. The diff needed to be housed in a sub-frame and as per drifting rules, sub-frames are required to be from the same vehicle manufacturer. Can you say Altezza?

I keep saying that vehicle customization is reaching new heights in South Africa, with new builds constantly making appearances. Thanks to the Longs and a few good men, this is one of the more insane cars I’ve seen in a while. Chris would like to thank Mikes Place, and his superhero dad for this drift weapon. Can’t wait to see it smokin’ it up!

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