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Superbike versus Supercar causes Super Furore!

By Joel Silva

The world awoke yesterday to a video doing the rounds on social media showing a Nissan GTR and a BMW S1000RR Superbike flexing their muscles on the R21 highway. Twittersphere isn’t accustomed to such motoring savagery posted so early on a Sunday morning, moreso before that first cup of coffee. Granted we should do the right thing and profess that speeding kills lives and reckless driving shouldn’t be allowed. Is that understood? Right. Let’s carry on…

What we want to know is why the hell did the bike lose?

Well firstly, the bike isn’t a slouch at all. It’s a BMW S1000RR, circa 2018 or 2019 model, and according to S1000RR owner, racer and aficionado Richard de Sousa, the bike wasn’t standard. “The video isn’t exactly HD by all means, but what I can tell is that the bike had a decat with an Akrapovic performance system. If it had standard sprockets, the bike would limit roughly around 302km/h (GPS speed). “says Richard.

“But saying that, the oke’s weight didn’t do him any favours either, meaning he couldn’t do a proper tuck-in behind the fairing with that impressive Gomma-Gomma belly. I don’t think we should put the blame entirely on his shoulders (excuse the pun).”

The GTR has broken the rules for decades. And guess what? It’s happened again. Granted it was done on Boksburg’s busiest highway which comes to a sudden halt right after you’ve hit a few speed enforcement cameras along the way. But having said that, the GTR driver didn’t seem perturbed, nailing the car time and time again and offering the passenger a ride like never before.

The video shows both the bike and car squaring up, gearing down and then blasting off towards the Boerewors Curtain, giving Emperors Casino valuable air-time. The multi-function display showed 300km/h, before Barney the Bruiser disappeared behind the GTR’s fumes. The GTR continued to hammer until the video revealed 320.

VIEW VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjIaUoUWxfU

“The GTR is built for those speeds.” says Tariq Dada, who has owned numerous modified GTRs in the past. “But the way it was accelerating, this one sounded standard. Off the showroom floor, a stock GTR does 321km/h. But I feel the biggest crime committed was the music they were listening too!”


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